Why Futures Academy

Why Futures Academy

Finding the right school for your child can seem like a daunting task, but we think you have stumbled on something great here with Futures Academy. We offer unique solutions that work. Learn why Futures Academy is right for you!

Students come to Futures because traditional schools aren't working for them – for a variety of reasons. Common reasons include that traditional schools:

  • move through course content too slowly or too quickly
  • contain large classrooms that are too noisy and distracting
  • don't accommodate learning challenges or social anxiety issues
  • lack flexible scheduling needed by athletes, actors or musicians
  • struggle to support accelerated learning when that is preferred

For all of these students, we created Futures Academy… a school where every student belongs and feels comfortable learning, where their individual needs are being met, and where they can excel and feel proud of their accomplishments.


Hear From Our Families

Click on the short video below to learn why Futures Academy has made a difference in our students and their families lives.

One to One Learning

Transformative Academics

Bored. Inattentive. Hiding at the back of the room. Not engaging with the teacher and giving up on learning. This is a daily fact for kids when THE TRADITIONAL CLASSROOM ISN’T WHERE THEY LEARN BEST. That’s why we’re here. We’ve created a better way for all of these students to learn, starting with transformative academics. This means we teach students to master the academic fundamentals so they can be successful beyond middle and high school AND we help students discover how they learn best. Academics is not only the course subject itself but the process of learning how to learn and feeling good about school again.

Transformative academics
transformational academics

One-to-One Instruction

Built on a foundation of confidence and respect, our students and teachers work together in one-to-one learning sessions. Our transformational teachers give full attention to each student and draw them into the learning experience. Teachers become trusted mentors and tailor the pace of class and even the content presented to help students gain confidence and optimism about their academic future. Students discover how they learn best and enjoy learning again.

One to one education
optimal-learning flexible schedules

Optimal Learning Schedules & Plans

We help students create schedules that align to their optimal learning times and leave time for exploring their interests inside and outside of the classroom. Some students learn better when they fidget or move or get their hands on something to better understand it. Our transformational teachers can make it happen.

Flexible schedules
One to One instruction


We teach the science of learning and of happiness. Every student will struggle with some subject in high school, college, or in life. We teach kids how learning works so they can improve their study habits, manage stress, overcome obstacles, approach homework successfully, and meet deadlines. Our seminars and courses teach the practical application of research by Dr. Carol Dweck on growth mindset, Dr. Angela Duckwork on grit, and Shawn Achor on The Happiness Advantage.

Happiness factor
21st century skills electives

21st Century Skills

Futures Academy embraces technology and teaches students the skills that are driving the new economy, such as coding, robotics, international business, game design, digital arts, storytelling and more. Our 21st Century Skills electives help students explore their passion and find a college and career path that aligns with their strengths, interests, and purpose in life.

See our electives
homework help advantage

The Homework Advantage

Homework can be a stressor in many homes. Our goal is to turn ‘home’ work into ‘school’ work. For every hour of one-to-one instruction, students spend a couple of hours in Guided Study. Here our teachers help students learn good study habits... from planning out homework to note taking methods to double-checking work. We offer enough time for students to complete all of their homework on campus and encourage our students – and parents – to take advantage of Guided Study. Here we teach students to be self-directed learners. Guided Study is included with your course tuition for no additional charge.

Futures has been a wonderful experience for our son. The teachers and administrators are caring, attentive and knowledgeable. The individualized program gives our son the space to move at his pace, an element that was lacking at public school. He is interested in learning again! He is happier and healthier overall. We would and have highly recommended the school! Thank you, Futures!
- Negin G.