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Futures Academy Transitions its 30+ Year 1:1 Instruction Model to 100% Online 1:1 Learning

Mar 25, 2020
Jenn Carlile WH teacher Image

IRVINE, CA – In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Futures Academy transitioned its 1:1 instruction to a fully online program on Monday, March 16th. Futures Academy normally teaches most of its classes in person; however, it has also offered online instruction for over a decade. Whether online or on campus, Futures teaches in a 1:1 mode, where teachers provide high-quality, interactive, and personalized instruction in a one student to one teacher class setting. While the school looks forward to getting back to normal operations, students are now continuing to learn with the same quality 1:1 instruction in the comfort of their own homes.

“Online instruction has been a component of Futures Academy’s 1:1 instruction model for many years, so migrating to a fully online virtual classroom was something we were capable of doing quickly. The transition has been relatively seamless,” said Futures Academy President, Kelly Bozarth. “We delivered more than 98% of scheduled class sessions in the first week, and our teachers, students, and families have been exceptionally adaptable in making these changes quickly.”

Students and parents have responded positively to the virtual learning experience. Parents have commented that the online learning experiences were the only social interaction their kids enjoyed that day, and they are so appreciative that Futures continued teaching. One parent stepped into the virtual classroom to thank the teacher for the great class sessions and to compliment the Futures team on its readiness to transition to online and keep a sense of normalcy in these times.

In addition to 1:1 classes in subjects such as algebra, biology, cultural geography and languages, students are finding more opportunities for social engagement in Futures Academy’s online Guided Study where students join together to work on homework and projects. There are also virtual clubs forming every day including art, music showcase, creative writing and TED-Ed Speech club.  

Teachers and staff were quick to discover resourceful ways to use technology to ask questions, share ideas, find solutions and help one another. Many teachers are creatively decorating their home teaching spaces with photos, college banners, inspirational quotes and more.

“We have the best teaching team, said Bozarth. They are creative, adaptable, and care about our students, and it shows especially in times like these.”

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