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Futures Academy Opens New Campus in the Hacienda Business Park

Jan 18, 2019
New Pleasanton Campus Image

Article on Hacienda website.

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

Futures Academy opens its new Pleasanton campus at Hacienda on January 28, 2019. The expanding private school accepts students from grades six through high school. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It also follows the University of California A-G guidelines necessary for students planning to attend a University of California (UC) college or university.

Unlike traditional schools, Futures Academy offers a one-to-one teacher-student ratio. Teachers address each student’s individual skills, interests, needs, and rate of progress. Moreover, flexible scheduling makes it possible to create an optimized class schedule for each student and their family. Each student can choose from numerous advanced placement courses as well as more than 100 courses certified by the UC or California State University including courses approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

In conjunction with its opening, the new Hacienda campus is offering a Founding Families 10 for 10 Scholarship. The first 10 families to enroll a full-time student at the new campus will receive $5,000 off of tuition for the first two semesters. That is a total  savings of $10,000 for the first year of schooling.  

“At Futures Academy, every student is known, belongs, and succeeds,” says Sheri Wight, Director of Enrollment for the Pleasanton campus. “We embrace a progressive vision of education focused on students mastering curriculum with personalized one-to-one instruction and tutorial support, in an atmosphere where they feel safe, confident and engaged.”

Instruction at Futures Academy is based on research conducted by Dr. Benjamin Bloom, from the University of Chicago, who confirmed the average students receiving one-to-one mastery instruction at their pace outperformed 98 percent of the students in a traditional classroom setting, according to Wight. The teachers at Futures Academy work with students to create customized learning plans that provide a rich and diverse educational experience.

Personalized schedules include daily start and end times customized to each student; monitored study time to help with homework and test preparation; instruction scheduled at optimal learning times with built-in content reinforcement; educational clubs to enrich each student’s overall experience; and social opportunities to connect with other students and create friendships. During Guided Study, students take time to practice skills and complete homework at school. That ends fights over homework and gives families more quality time together.

Students have different learning preferences, and these preferences can differ by course type, according to the school. When an instructor tailors a teaching method to a student’s unique needs, learning success increases exponentially. As a result, gifted students who are not challenged at a traditional school can thrive at Futures Academy along with unique learners and students who have ADHD.

“We create a positive learning environment for our students,” notes Wight. “Starting with our one-to-one instructional approach to our healthy community, our students are the center of our program. At Futures Academy, we focus on the whole student and deliver a better way to learn. Here, every life is transformed by learning.”

The Hacienda community is invited to attend the Open House for Futures Academy on Wednesday, February 6  from 5 pm to 7 pm. An Information Session on SAT/ACT will be held on Wednesday, February 27, at 5:30 pm.