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Halstrom Academy becomes Futures Academy, effective October 2018

Sep 24, 2018
Now Futures Academy Image


Soon we will be releasing an updated name and brand identity, which includes a new logo, font, overall look, messaging, and more. Starting early October, you will see the new look and messaging across our communities and in media vehicles like our website, media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; and you’ll see it in all of our campuses, as well. We believe the new name and look better matches what we’ve truly become: a school reimagined offering a better way to learn.

For years, we’ve included the “H” as our Halstrom Academy brand mark, although recently we’ve slightly altered our colors adding more to our palette — as we needed more depth beyond the light blue and yellow.

But in the last year or so we’ve changed much more. We’ve hyper-focused on our academic offerings and created a more innovative curriculum, shaped more programs to better deliver our connected community, and developed resources to better serve our students and internal teams. We are outgrowing our current look. The “H” symbol and “Halstrom” name aren’t as pioneering or memorable (no one can say it or spell it) and they don’t define the direction we were going in... in shaping our students futures. Needless to say, it is time for a change.

Our name and design goals are to better match how we deliver our ETHOS, pillars and overall educational experience to our students, families, outreach partners, and internal teams. We have gathered much feedback, including using focus groups and surveys, to find a name and design that appears fresh, approachable, smart, forward thinking, friendly, and connected.

We also want to hold true to our origins since we have created deep roots and a strong foundation, which have brought us to where we are today. Here is the FUTURE of our schools and our launching ground for all other things to come:


The wave signifies a transfer of energy and the crest denotes an upward positive momentum.

The star is a a symbol of light and spirit which represents each of our students.

Academy solidifies our foundation and is the base of what our Futures stands upon.

FUTURES is bold & focuses on the Future of our students and of our innovative learning model.

Blue – trust, loyalty, integrity, peace.

Orange – social communication, optimism.

Yellow – the mind, intellect.

The universally appealing circle embodies connectivity & movement.

For the logo design, the circle is appealing and visibly stands out as it embodies the idea of connectivity, a complete cycle, timelessness, and movement. The wave signifies a transfer of energy with the crest of the wave leading to the star that is a symbol of light and spirit, which represents each of our students. The word FUTURES is bold and stands out deliberately to show we focus on the futures of our students, as we are the future of innovative learning. The word Academy solidifies our foundation and what our futures stand upon.

According to color psychology, the darker blue represents the color of trust, loyalty, integrity and peace, the orange... of social communication and optimism, and yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect. The Montserrat font is deliberately clean, modern, and light.

Our tagline is “School Reimagined.” We are redesigning what education looks like. We look different, we teach differently, and we deliver an education that our families deserve. Our innovative model is... “a better way to learn.”

We have confidence that you will like this new direction, and look and feel, for our Academy! Stay tuned for more updates as we begin to move in this direction — like a fresh look in our campus graphics, collateral and a brand-new website — and as we continue to better serve our students, families and teams in delivering next generation education with our new clean, modern, and innovative approach.