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Summer Reading & Next-Grade Readiness!

Be Next Grade Ready by Fall Image

Summer break is a great time to relax. Nonetheless, it can be an opportunity to focus on learning, whether your child is academically behind or wants to get ahead. 

Summer reading is essential for students to retain their information and skills from the previous school year. Students who do not read, run the risk of lagging behind their peers. Parents and teachers can help their children avoid this by encouraging them to read. During the first year of the pandemic, thousands of students across the United States fell behind in school. Unfortunately, many are still behind. The setback has been dubbed an "academic success crisis" by some analysts.

Benefits of summer reading

Prevent learning loss 

Reading may not be a priority for children over the summer, but it should be. Why? Summer reading is essential for a child's ability to retain material from the previous year as well as to increase critical thinking skills for the next year. According to experts students must read every day to keep their literacy abilities from the previous school year.

Increase general knowledge

Reading increases knowledge. For accelerated learners who want to get ahead in school, summer reading can be an ideal way to progress. A 1:1 environment allows each student to progress at their pace without waiting for others in the classroom. 

Next grade readiness

This summer, many Futures Academy campuses are offering the following workshop for 6th through 10th graders to hone up on skills and prepare for fall.

READING/WRITING SKILLS WORKSHOP: Help your teen improve writing style, expand vocabulary and learn to express thoughts and ideas with more confidence. 

  • 1:1 workshop sessions tailored to your child's unique learning needs
  • With in-person, online and hybrid options, learn anywhere or flex your schedule around summer vacations, family activities and optimum learning times
  • Enjoy benefits of personalized 1:1 instruction in a small, supportive learning environment

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