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Encourage Academic Success This Summer

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Learning is a lifelong process, but during the middle and high school years, students have significant ground to cover before forging their paths into adulthood. It is important for parents to stay actively engaged with their students during the summer - from checking books out of the library, to discussing current events as a family, to visiting museums - parents can encourage natural learning in a variety of contexts. However, parents can also encourage academic success through summer school courses. Whether your student needs to spend a little extra time on a subject to feel confident in their skills, or they want to tackle more advanced coursework to facilitate accelerated learning, summer school options can benefit students of all academic levels. 

More Time for the Basics

The summer slide has been discussed and analyzed for over a century, with studies pointing to the fact that students lose a month of school learning over summer vacation when assessed. Not only do students have to contend with the summer slide every year, the last few years have been uncharted territory for schools as they have tried to provide consistent, quality education. The full impact of school closures and the effect the pandemic has had on education may be unknown for years to come, but it's been suggested that K-12 students were four months behind in reading and five months behind in mathematics after the 2020-2021 school year due to unfinished learning.

For students who may need credit recovery or remedial assistance in core classes, summer school courses can get them back on track for success. Summer school gives students the opportunity to build a stronger foundation in core subjects and to keep their skills fresh as they go into the new school year. 

Advanced Coursework for Accelerated Learners

Some students flourish in any learning environment, and many have managed to thrive despite the changes and restrictions of pandemic learning. Accelerated, gifted and advanced learners often need to be challenged beyond the typical course of study, and summer school is an excellent opportunity for this. Summer school offers not just the opportunity to move ahead and earn credit for college prep courses, but students will also find honors and Advanced Placement courses to challenge their minds while advancing their studies. 

Benefits of Summer School at Futures Academy

Futures Academy offers the opportunity for students to take summer school courses in a flexible environment that is supportive of all learners. Some of the many benefits of taking one or more of our summer school courses include: 

  • Over 170 courses offered for remediation or acceleration. 
  • Continued learning helps reduce summer slide and COVID learning loss.
  • Students will build a stronger foundation in academic skills. 
  • Flexible scheduling options, so you can customize your summer schedule.
  • Online, on-campus or hybrid 1:1 learning options, paired learning or small group learning options available.
  • Credits can be transferred back to your home school. 

Whether you are looking to give your child a boost in their core subjects, or to challenge your accelerated learner to build on their strengths, summer school can support those goals.

Encourage Academic Success This Summer  

Futures Academy offers student-centric learning and a personalized educational environment for 6-12th grade students. We offer a positive, healthy learning experience for all students. To find out more about Futures Academy and our summer school program, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss our commitment to our students, our Parent Promise, and how our programs can benefit your family.