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At Futures Academy, we are constantly researching and sharing relevant topics that affect our students and families. We also have guest bloggers sharing their research and best practices. Read our blogs to learn more! 

Personalized Learning Contributes To Academic Success

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No two students are the same. The needs of the individual student are assessed, and a schedule that works for everyone will be assembled. Traditional school models include large classroom sizes that do not allow each student to receive the attention they need from their teachers. By doing away with the large classroom sizes, and moving to a 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio, Futures Academy gives every student their greatest chance at academic success. 

Some students do well when they are in a classroom environment that invites socialization. Other students do best when they are one-on-one with their instructors with no other distractions present. Finally, there are others who have the self-discipline to be successful in doing all of their classes independently. The bottom line is that whichever option is how your student will best succeed is the option that you should pursue. 

Start Times and Optimal Learning Times Affect Academic Success

At Futures Academy, we have discovered that traditional classroom times might not be appropriate for everyone. Both preferences for start times and the student's extracurricular commitments need to be considered. Since we want all of our students to succeed, we have developed Optimal Learning Schedules to meet everyone's needs.

There have been several studies over the years, each with different recommendations. While some advocate for an early morning start time being the key to academic success, other studies show that students learn better if they have achieved nine hours of sleep each night. At Futures, we have found that for students to be successful, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The truth of the matter is that some students do great early in the morning while others do not. At Futures Academy, we assess each student to find out which type of learning is their best fit and offer a schedule that will align with their needs.

Catering To Those With Outside Commitments

Many students thrive in school when their commitments outside of school are both recognized and catered to. Perhaps your child is an actor or an athlete. Both of these examples require significant time away from a traditional school format in order for them to succeed. It may work best for your student to only be in class fewer than five days a week. Maybe they only need to be in class in the morning to free up their afternoons. They might do best taking their classes a couple of times a week. We provide options that work for every situation. 

Classes That Are Best For Each Student

Some students may have learning disabilities that require patience on the part of the teachers. Others may have disabilities that make it impossible to physically attend school in a campus setting. Still others may be gifted and need a more challenging curriculum to hold their interests. No matter which classification your child falls under, the teachers and administrators at Futures Academy will work with your child to meet their individualized needs.

Our Success Speaks For Itself

There are no passes given at Futures Academy. Each student must show proficiency in a subject to pass. Graduating from Futures Academy takes a lot of hard work and commitment, and 99% of our graduates attend their college of choice. When your child graduates from Futures, they will be well prepared for success at the college level and beyond. To learn more about Futures Academy, contact us today.