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October is the Perfect Time for ADHD Awareness

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Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are often stigmatized as lazy, distracted, rude, or disruptive. The traditional education system doesn't stimulate their demanding minds, and they suffer severe judgment for it.  The ADHD student can succeed in the right environment, but that environment must build structure, focus, and organization externally, for the ADHD mind cannot do it alone. That is why it is important for families, educators, and the community to better understand ADHD, so students with this diagnosis can thrive. 

October is ADHD Awareness Month

As October has been officially designated as ADHD Awareness Month, organizations like CHADDACO, and ADDA are combining their efforts to get the word out about ADHD.

Each week, they will be posting commonly asked questions and answers about ADHD. These will be available on the ADHD Awareness Month website. 

The Benefits of Awareness and ADHD

Understanding the effects of negative stigmas on the ADHD student makes most people understand the benefits of awareness. Imagine being a human who lacks the ability to self-regulate or modify some behavior. Then, imagine that the world expects you to be able to do it. 

The effects of stigma on ADHD can have lasting negative impacts that include low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. This is not to mention that most ADHD diagnoses come complete with a co-occurring condition. What the ADHD child or adult needs is support and knowledge-sharing instead of criticism and consequences. 

On the other hand, awareness and support can create opportunity for the ADHD student to thrive. Creating systems to organize homework, finding locations with low distractions, and using tools to help self-regulate can create the same opportunities for the ADHD student that everyone should have. 

One of the great things about October being designated as a month to highlight ADHD is that it occurs just after school starts. Students have had a chance to find rhythm but also identify problem areas. Essentially, signs of ADHD should be showing themselves. These might include: 

  • Unable to focus on details
  • Trouble listening
  • Limited focusing capabilities
  • Losing homework or other items
  • Forgetfulness
  • Fidgeting
  • Acting like driven by a motor
  • Interrupting

These things can be mistaken as rudeness or misconduct. The parents are often the first to be blamed. But awareness shifts these negative impacts into constructive understanding and opens the door to building support systems. 

Support for ADHD in Education

While children and adults with ADHD often have issues at home, the academic environment is almost always a challenge. Until ADHD students find the tools or learn the skills to sit still at their desks and listen, they are likely to be the subject of reprimand. 

Realizing that an ADHD student has unique learning needs allows educators to readily provide them. Instead of continued learning delays, the ADHD student starts to experience learning and positive feedback. 

Each student is different, but a supportive ADHD education may include: 

  • Small classes
  • One-on-one learning opportunities
  • Educators trained in providing clear and consistent instruction
  • Compassionate staff
  • Safety
  • Positive discipline

A proper learning environment allows ADHD students to reach their full potential. 

Futures Academy Prioritizes ADHD Awareness

At Futures Academy, we strive to acknowledge each student and his or her individual learning needs. This includes every ADHD student who may be a unique learner but can thrive given the proper opportunity and environment. We want these students to discover themselves and be proud of who they are, and we want them to succeed in their educational endeavors. 

If you or your child is struggling in school because of ADHD, contact Futures Academy for a positive academic experience that is sure to be life-changing.