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Learning Tailored To Fit Student Needs

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Now more than ever, the idea of a fixed schedule is becoming extinct. From hybrid classrooms to staggered starting and ending times, schools are clamoring to keep up with increasing demands for flexibility. Futures Academy has reinvented the concept of flexibility in learning with numerous options to give your student every opportunity to succeed. 

Open Enrollment

Student's needs and circumstances change. What may be a good fit on day one of school may not be working halfway through the school year. By providing open enrollment all year long, your student's options are always open and their path to success readily available. Your student's needs aren't cookie-cutter. Your options shouldn't be either. 

Full-time/Part-time Options

Whether you choose full-time learning or part-time remediation, custom-tailored instruction doesn't have to mean being disconnected from other students. A truly flexible environment means that both full and part-time students are invited and encouraged to participate in all social activities. Education is about more than books and papers. Being part of a connected community is also crucial to an immersive learning experience. 

A flexible schedule allows your student to participate in all the activities they love while still providing the learning environment they need. 

Customized Class Times

In addition to pursuing success in the classroom, your student may also be an athlete, musician, theatre buff, or social butterfly. Whatever your student's passions,  by finding your child's peak learning times and then customizing a schedule that sets them up for success, they will also have plenty of time for rest and pursuit of their passions without facing burnout.

 A customized class schedule meets your student where they are and creates an atmosphere conducive to optimized learning. Each child learns differently and is best prepared for learning at different times of the day. By combining your student's peak learning time with a customized learning path, their path to success is much more defined.  If you aren't sure what learning time is best for your student, our Learning Preference Inventory can help. 

Online Opportunities

Families are facing unique challenges in ways never expected. Parents are adjusting to different work environments. Sports and other extracurricular activities are modified, and health concerns remain at the forefront of everyone's minds. Whether for family reasons or the challenging or unique needs of your student, online learning options provide the flexibility to continue your student's learning path without disruption. Whether online or in-person, coursework continues to prevent retention gaps or delayed learning. 

Numerous Locations

Life changes, and when it does, it's imperative to provide as little disruption to your student as possible. 15 locations across California means there is a campus close by, regardless of what life brings. You also always have the option of taking courses at more than one location at a time to meet your specific needs. Meeting your student where they are is our goal as we continue to expand to more locations for your convenience and increased accessibility. 

Unique Solutions

Your student is like none other. Whether they:

  • Move through course content quicker or slower than other students
  • Struggle to concentrate in loud, noisy classrooms
  • Have learning or social challenges
  • Need accelerated learning support 

Or simply need flexibility in their learning journey to support their diverse interests and talents.

Futures Academy is a school built around meeting the individualized needs of our students in a comfortable, inclusive environment where they can excel. With flexible scheduling options that are customized to your student's optimal learning time and method, our unique solutions work. Contact us to learn why Futures Academy and its flexible options are right for you.