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Tackling COVID Learning Loss

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Learning loss is a normal and understood part of the school system. Every summer, students experience a little bit of learning loss as they forget some of the things they learned the previous school year. When a child is injured or otherwise unable to attend school, they experience some learning loss due to time not spent in the classroom and lessons missed.

Needless to say, the pandemic has caused more than a little learning loss among today's students - especially in math. TIME reports that while students are keeping up in their reading and writing skills, math learning has taken the biggest hit during the pandemic, across schools and districts. Students today range between 5 to 12 months behind in math learning due to lost time and online learning that has not compared effective to live teacher instruction. The longer students are kept isolated, the further behind they fall in math and other STEAM skills that require a teacher's personal attention and depth of understanding to master content.

Why Learning Loss with Online Learning?

Many parents may be asking why there is such a profound learning loss in math when students are attending online classes. This is a reasonable question and the answer lies in the adequacy of the online learning and the depth of teaching capable with online methods.

The fact of the matter is that there is no universal learning platform, tested and proven to provide quality education. Schools and individual teachers have had to fend for themselves - finding any software that might work for a virtual classroom. This has, of course, led to a very uneven distribution of online learning quality and performance.

Children are having to figure it out as well. They are using new software and sharing one online teacher with dozens of other students in the same grade level. Students are often given a stack of homework-like assignments and left to figure it out on their own. It's no wonder children are struggling to keep up with this year's math learning curriculum with minimum support and overtaxed teachers.

The One-to-One Way to Close the Learning Gap

If your student is one of the many who is 5-12 months behind in math learning this year, fortunately you have options. While summer school might be cancelled this year like all other classes, you can still sign your child up for a more comprehensive and attentive learning experience. Part of the problem with the online learning policies is that students are using unproven software and teachers don't have time to help them individually.

Many students need one-to-one attention from their teacher to tackle those difficult math concepts. Math teachers often flit from desk to desk, checking work and offering quiet personal advice to each student. "Don't forget to carry the negative" they say to one student and "keep your division columns lined up" they say to another student. Students now sharing a virtual math teacher with dozens of other students just don't get that needed nurturing and guidance.

This is where one-to-one learning can really help. When students get direct attention from a math teacher, they can overcome challenges more easily. The teacher can focus on the student's mathematical style and guide their understanding into more and more complex mathematical accomplishments.

Try Virtual Day School with Futures Academy

At Futures Academy, we have always believed in the one-to-one education model. Every Futures student gets personal time with their teachers instead of sharing a teacher with the entire classroom. This was true before the pandemic but is even more important now that so many children have lost the personal guidance they once received from in-person classroom teachers.

Conquer your student's COVID learning loss with some one-to-one time with a live teacher who can help them with those difficult subjects like math and science. Contact us today to explore Virtual Day School options for your student.