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Our Teachers Make All The Difference

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At Futures Academy we love what we offer our students. From one-on-one learning formats to an extensive offering of electives and small group settings, we offer many alternatives to traditional education. It takes innovative forward-thinking to challenge traditional models and allow students to excel at what they love while getting effective, creative strategies for tackling tough subjects as well. More than any other component of our school, we recognize that it's our transformational teachers that make all of this possible! 

We Appreciate our Teachers!

In light of teacher appreciation week, we at Futures Academy want to take time to thank our teachers and highlight the unique strengths they bring to the table. Without them, we would not be able to offer such a special learning environment to our students and their families. One of the most important qualities that our teachers possess is the ability to look at learning from a different angle. By providing one-to-one instruction and functioning in small group settings, students learn to view weaknesses in a new light. Our teachers make sure students know that we are truly on their side and in their corner, and because of this, they establish a partnership that produces lifelong results. 

Transformational Teachers Move at the Right Pace

Our teachers are not encouraged to rush through a subject merely to check it off a list. Instead, they know how to pace the curriculum so that students achieve full mastery of each concept before moving on. Their diligence in this area not only ensures a more effective education for students today but also teaches them to fully master concepts in the future. Because of our education model, our teachers have a wonderful ability to teach our students how to self-regulate by drawing attention to the right areas.

Nothing goes under the radar because our teachers are focused solely on one student at a time. Research at the Rand Corporation indicates that personalized learning improves achievement regardless of where the student is starting out. According to one study, students who started out below standardized norms who were given personalized education began to approach those norms within one year and surpassed them within two years. Our teachers are not dismayed by initial challenges because they know that with the right techniques, good results are inevitable. 

Our Teachers Get Involved with Students

In a traditional school environment, a true and lasting bond is seldom formed between student and teacher. Due to class sizes and the greater demand on teachers to standardize learning, traditional schooling keeps students mostly separate from their would-be mentors. That's not the case at Futures Academy because our teachers aren't afraid to step into the life of a student and play an active part. By making themselves available socially, they are fostering a bully-free and cooperative setting for all of our students, encouraging them to look at each other's differences as learning opportunities, and fostering a clique-free space to learn together. Without these caring instructors, we could not create such an accepting atmosphere. 

Great Teachers are Great Learners

Our teachers do as much learning as they do teaching. Their energy and focus go into studying each student and taking a genuine interest in their academics and success. Our teachers are encouraged to evaluate a student's unique challenges and offer them a new approach. They take the time to get to know their students and learn together what makes a topic click in their minds. We are so thankful for these transformational teachers at Futures Academy, and we believe they are helping to reshape the learning industry, one student at a time. 

These are just a few of the many things we appreciate about our teachers here at Futures Academy. They truly go the extra mile to make learning fun and fulfilling for our students, and we could not do what we do without them. If you'd like to learn more about personalized education at Futures Academy, please contact us today.