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Advantages Of Summer Learning Programs

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Do you know that up to 50% of most learning progress in mathematics gets lost during summer? After summer, 90% of teachers use more than a month to re-teach lessons learned in the previous year. According to a report by the ASCD, re-teaching can be pretty costly. In a year, re-teaching costs more than $1,500 for a single student.

So, what do these statistics tell you?

Besides summer learning loss being time-consuming, it is expensive. It can have a significant adverse effect on the learners. Summer schools at Futures Academy can help your child avoid summer learning loss.

Benefits of Summer School at Futures

Summer learning programs are vital for a couple reasons: they help students catch up in areas they fell behind in and they prepare students for the upcoming Fall semester.

Both purposes are significantly crucial since they help your child develop the critical skills needed in advancing and succeeding in the current class sessions and overall educational goals.

Here are specific benefits why you should enroll your child for summer school at Futures:

1. Extra Help with Challenging Courses

Falling behind in a given subject is a significant setback in your child's learning process. If your child falls behind at any time during the year, they miss vital concepts, which are almost impossible to regain on their own. It will be challenging for your child to succeed in the next year's courses without the necessary foundation.

Futures Summer School will help your child make up for all the time they lost during the spring. The school offers learners the platform to take different courses in languages, sciences, or math for credit at their convenient pace.

2. Advance the Learners Skills

Most students lose their learning progress on various skills during summer season. The majority of summer schools only focus on helping your child catch up on skills they missed in their previous school year. However, Futures Academy goes beyond this to help the learner advance their skills in preparation for the coming year.  

Futures Academy has several summer camps that are ideal for keeping the learners engaged and enrich their skills in various areas including game design, forensic science, and creative writing. Given that the camps are designed to capture courses of any length, you can rest assured that your child will receive personalized content depending on their needs.

3. Core Class Reinforcement

If your child finds a given core class challenging, they will be forced to take up the same class when school reopens besides another core course. That can be too much for your child in one year. It will make it hard for them to perform well in the new course and this might lower their self-esteem. At the summer school, your child gets help with the challenging core class, so they can start the next academic year more confident.   

4. Helps Learners Bridge the Summer Gap

The summer learning slide can be devastating, and with the learning pace accelerating as the learners get to higher grades, you can't afford your child falling behind. The summer school at Futures Academy will help your child retain and advance all the skills and information gained during the past academic year. Additionally, the school ensures that the learners are well-prepared for fall season. Specifically, all the courses are customized according to the needs of each learner.   

Summer learning loss is not only costly but time-consuming. It can be overwhelming to the learners too. If your child faces difficulties in a particular course or needs to develop their learning skills further, the summer school will offer a worthwhile and valuable experience.

Enroll your child today at Futures Academy, and let them enjoy the Futures difference – get personalized content and all the information and help they need. To learn more about the Futures Academy summer programs, contact us today!