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Targeted Learning Helps Students Reach Their Full Potential

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We all want what's best for our children. But with so many people touting so many opinions regarding student success, sometimes it's hard to know which steps will actually help our children access the best possible outcomes. Fortunately, by engaging in targeted learning, we don't have to worry about what methods work for everyone else. We get to focus on what methods will work best for each individual student.

What Is Targeted Learning?

Targeted learning is a method of instruction that focuses directly on individual student needs. 

Targeted instruction is the alignment of specific student needs to established learning goals. Teachers use data to identify and categorize student needs and then provide instruction to meet those needs via adaptive content and/or methods. (School Works

Ideally incorporating the advantages of both 1:1 teacher/student involvement and 1:1 student/computer engagement, the newest learning models point toward targeted learning as one of the best educational systems available.  

There are a few reasons why targeted learning has proven so effective: 

1. Pinpointing both skills and needs. 

Every child is an individual, possessing both unique skills and specific needs. When students are taught in a 1:1 environment, instructors can quickly identify these traits. 

  • They can leverage your child's skills to their advantage.
  • They can immediately begin addressing individual needs.

By quickly pinpointing both strengths and weaknesses, instructors are able to chart a holistic educational pathway that meets each student where they are, encouraging and challenging them in equal measure.     

2. No student left behind. 

In a traditional classroom environment, there are many reasons why students might feel "left behind" at some point.

A few of those reasons might include:

  • Grasping key concepts at a different rate from the rest of the class
  • Periodic absences leading to "holes" in their understanding 
  • Difficulty focusing in group environments

With 1:1 targeted instruction, however, it's virtually impossible to feel left behind. Since students' programs are focused on them and them alone, they no longer need to worry about comparisons or "keeping up" with the rest of the class. They are free to learn at their own pace and enjoy the process. 

3. Continuous evaluation. 

When a teacher is dealing with twenty-five students at a time, sometimes it's difficult for them to evaluate each student's needs and gauge their levels of understanding on a daily basis. This is why, from time to time, students in traditional classroom environments will bring home test scores or semester evaluations that feel like a total surprise to everyone.

In a 1:1 learning environment, however, the process of evaluation is continuous. Every interaction, every conversation, every email exchange provides an opportunity for daily engagement and, as a result, natural evaluation. Furthermore, if students cannot "show up" for class due to accident, illness, or injury, the class will not go on without them. They cannot be left behind because the class does not continue in their absence. They are the class. 

When students know that their instructors are truly focused on them and their individual success, they feel engaged, encouraged, and empowered.  

Futures Can Help

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