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Finding The Right Homeschool Partner

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Homeschooling your child will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread upheaval, Gallup reports that the number of parents choosing to homeschool their children has risen from 5% in 2019 to 10% as of August 2020. There are many challenges to homeschooling, but there are also many benefits. Futures Academy can help you navigate both to provide the most fulfilling experience for your students. 

The Benefits of Homeschooling

There are many reasons that homeschooling is a good option for your child. Every student is unique, and we understand that. At Futures Academy, we can provide you with the resources to make the most of every benefit.

  1. One-to-one education. As hard as teachers try, it isn't easy for them to pay attention to every student. Teachers can't fully appreciate the needs of every child in the classroom, or they won't be able to teach anything. The most effective teaching often happens in one-to-one settings, where students are able to connect with their teacher over precise issues. It is also a lot easier for homeschooling parents to cater to the particular learning style of their child. The four main learning styles are visual, auditory, kinesthetic (hands-on), and reading/writing. As you can imagine, fitting instruction for each of these is tough in a traditional classroom! At Futures, our teachers engage one-to-one with each student to ensure they are learning exactly how they need to in each course. 
  2. Flexible schedules. Kids who are homeschooled are able to easily shift their learning schedule to the times that work best for them (or for their parents!). Homeschooled families can take breaks for doctor's appointments, music lessons, walks in the park, family visits, or more time to sleep. Having the ability to engage in activities other than learning, even for a few minutes, can be extremely helpful. Our program offers fully flexible scheduling to ensure that your students work when it's best for them. 
  3. Unique topics. Students in a traditional school get the basics but not much else. Students who are homeschooled get the chance to pursue their interests anytime they want, with the added benefit of being taught by their parents or online teachers so they can become experts in their passions. At Futures Academy, we offer specialized courses that students want to learn about, including many honors and AP classes. 

Challenges of Homeschooling

As with any educational program, homeschooling has challenges that must be faced. At Futures Academy, we understand these challenges and can help you overcome them. 

  1. Complicated subjects. Let's face it: most of us forget many of the facts we picked up in our schooling days. There are subjects that you may not fully understand that you need to teach your child. It can be difficult to strike a balance between being the teacher and admitting you don't know. We can help! Our courses are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and include high-level classes in English, math, science, foreign language, and personal development. Whatever your child needs to know, we can cover it.  
  2. Family relationships. It's no secret that families don't always get along. Kids are bound to fight with each other, no matter what their daily lives look like, which creates far too much distraction. And parents often find it difficult to strike the appropriate balance between being an authoritative figure and an educational mentor. At Futures Academy, we provide teachers who are passionate about one-to-one relationships with each student, creating space for your children to engage with someone outside the family and develop strong mentor/mentee relationships. This eliminates distractions and provides an incentive for students to get it right, since they won't move on in their studies until they have mastered a concept completely. 
  3. Building Friendships. Being at home all the time can make friendships difficult and some homeschool students lack the social skills that make relationships strong. But at Futures Academy, we don't let that happen. Our online school includes a Virtual Connect program that allows students to engage with live homework support, live online clubs, and live virtual field trips. Every student has the chance to build strong relationships and engage with others! 

How We Can Help You

Futures Academy is the solution to your homeschooling needs. You can enroll your kids at any time (open enrollment), for one or two courses that you need help with or for a full semester. We will help students complete all their homework during class times so there is no extra hassle at the end of the day. If you'd like to learn more about The Futures Difference and get started, contact us today for a virtual tour and answers to all your questions!