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Beyond the Traditional Classroom: Summer School at Futures

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Summer school, and online learning. To some, those words can have a negative meaning. They might picture a boring classroom with plain, white walls and content that they aren't interested in. They may picture trying to sit at the table and teach their child homework they aren't even sure about! However, they aren't picturing online learning with Futures Academy. Here, it is much different!

Why Online Summer School?

Summer school serves two different purposes: to get students prepared for the year ahead or to catch up if they fell behind during the previous school year. Both are equally important because it helps the students build the necessary skills they need to advance and succeed in their current classes, and with their long-term education goals.

With the current climate and many schools closed due to COVID-19, Futures Academy offers 100% live online instruction. To ensure that your student will move up to the next grade level and be prepared and confident, this is an amazing opportunity! Live online instruction is beneficial because it is one student and one teacher, in a virtual classroom, without distractions. Students can learn in the safety of their own homes to build the skills they will need for the next academic year.

Credit Recovery Courses

During the summer, students can take courses part-time for credit, such as math, sciences, and languages. When students fall behind in a subject, they have missed core concepts that can be hard to regain. In order to be prepared for the next stage of education, they need these foundational skills. For most summer schools, they offer cookie-cutter classes for all grades and all students, regardless if they need help with different mathematical concepts. 

At Futures, students work in a 1:1 environment to make sure they get all of the attention they need to succeed in their course work. This attention helps them determine what they are missing and helps them build those skills. This is also extremely beneficial in a world where students are stuck at home due to COVID-19. Your child is ensured exceptional academic live instruction to make sure they don't miss any key skills.


Futures Academy doesn't just focus on skills that were missed during the school year, it is also for advancing your skills so you are well prepared for the coming school year. Futures offers various summer camps that keep students engaged in enriching skills like creative writing, forensic science, game design, and more. These camps are anywhere from one to four week courses and offer engaging content in personalized settings with a small group. 

The Futures Difference

What most summer school programs miss out on is the importance of personalized education and how beneficial it is. That's where we differ. At Futures Academy, we completely personalize the content for your student so they are comfortable while learning the content. We also work hard to ensure that your student gets all the help and information they need in today's current at-home climate.

Our teachers are transformational and are innovating new ways for your student to learn at their pace, and to help them identify where they need the most help. With the 100% live online instruction, our teachers can help your student with any questions they have immediately. 

Futures Academy also offers college compass, which helps your student start thinking about college and helps them work one-to-one with a college counselor to create a personalized college admission plan. Most summer schools don't offer this amazing opportunity!

Lastly, we aren't just stuck on those core subjects that are important to learn. We also offer a variety of 21st-century skills electives to help prepare for upcoming school years, or for life down the road. Whatever the interest, it is a great way to spend your summer exploring your passions!

We would love the opportunity to talk with you about our summer courses and about how our programs can help your student learn best. Please contact us, and one of our dedicated professionals would be happy to help you.