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Tips to Navigate the Current Academic Climate

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As parents, it is understandable that anxiety surrounding your child's academics have risen recently, particularly due to schools closing with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only are parents concerned with the health and safety of their kids, but they also need to consider how this will affect their academic progress. Futures Academy is here to help. We've got some tips to ease anxiety and help students soar to new heights. 


It's important to speak with your kids about what is happening. The information age is doing a good job of making sure that all of us are flooded with headlines about the virus and all of its potential effects. By middle school and high school, it's nearly impossible to shelter your kids from these realities. Now is a good time for calm conversations about what impact this could have on their education, among other things. Through asking questions and allowing kids to think through potential consequences, we allow them to come up with their own conclusions about the importance of being proactive in their education. For example, asking "How do you think taking too much time off of school could impact you down the road?" will open up communication and get them thinking.

Once kids understand for themselves the importance of staying active in their academics, talk through the available options. This would be a good time to point out potential silver linings, such as taking on a more challenging subject while they have extra time, remediating a core subject or learning something new that they might not have considered before. 


During times like these, kids may find comfort in having more one-to-one time with teachers. At Futures Academy, we are prepared to offer this advantageous alternative through live virtual classrooms set up for just one student and one teacher. This can foster more in-depth learning as the student gets to set the pace and help determine how learning will occur. Students with varying learning preferences benefit from the highly personalized attention that our one-to-one classes offer. 


Futures Academy offers over seventy elective courses centered around skills that are in demand in the 21st century. Sitting down together to look at all the possibilities will renew excitement for learning and help you get a course of action together. It is a great time to explore new interests and ignite new passions. Choosing one of our many electives will enhance quality and add excitement to their education. It could even be a launching point for discovering new direction for their futures. 


This is a perfect time to consider remediating a difficult class. Why not tackle that class that proved difficult before? Our unique enrollment opportunities allow families to take on challenging courses in a way that make success imminent and a lot less intimidating. Take the class during optimal learning times and see better outcomes. 

Once you and your student have determined the best plan to stay on track for academic success, simply contact us for more information. Our team would love to hear about your child's specific needs and create a personalized learning plan that fits.