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Eliminate Academic Worries in Association with COVID-19

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If you are a parent or guardian of a school aged child right now, you might be overwhelmed with worry. Schools have closed their doors amongst the COVID-19 pandemic, and educators are uncertain about when, or even if, they will re-open their institutions for the remainder of the school year. You are probably wondering what sort of impact that will have on your child academically, and in some cases, behaviorally. It is a common fact that over summer vacation, students lose at least two months of retained education from the previous school year. We are in a situation where, if the schools do not re-open until Fall, our children could risk losing more than that. How much more? We don't know. All we do know is that we need to make sure our kids are still able to learn, and that means we have to get them successfully learning virtually. 

Futures Academy has offered live, personalized online instruction for grades 6-12 for over 10 years. Our platforms are already developed to run smoothly so you can rest assured knowing that your children won't experience any technical issues due to quick, or careless development out of response to COVID-19. 

We offer one-to-one, student-teacher education through our virtual learning platform. With over seventy 21st century electives for your child to choose from in addition to their core coursework, your child will not only be learning; your child will be engaged, excited, and moving ahead. Our transformative teachers are experts in using an online platform to teach, since they are already experienced in the culture and atmosphere of online education. Being able to keep a child engaged while in a classroom is key. By offering 100% live online instruction, we eliminate the chance of your child being left behind to give into distractions. All of the attention is on the student.

Futures Academy has open enrollment so you can enroll your child at any time. With full time and part time schedules available, we are just a phone call away! Call now and ask about our Save Your Semester offer: Receive 15% off tuition plus enjoy free Virtual Connect (includes Virtual Guided Study, Virtual Clubs and Virtual Field Trips).This offer is available through April 30, 2020.

As always, we want the best for you and your family during these times. We want to leave you with some tips on how to help alleviate some of the stress and worry that stems from the pandemic.

  • Talk to your kids about some, but not all, of the information. Use your best judgment to decide what they can handle, and what they can't. Make sure they know what the real facts are around COVID-19.
  • Make sure you and your family continue to practice good hygiene.
  • Design a schedule at home so kids continue learning and remember to add fun activities.