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Make The Most of Your Summer

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Learning isn't something that only happens during Spring and Fall. While summer often stretches out in front of young people, it's a lot of time they could spend investing in themselves. For those who've contemplated going to school throughout the summer, that's actually one of the smartest things you can do.

Why? Well...

Benefit #1:

While there are still ongoing studies regarding the specifics of Summer Learning Loss according to NWEA, it is a phenomenon that most of us want to avoid as much as possible. The short version is that when a student turns their brain off after the last class is over in spring, and doesn't switch it back on again until early fall, they can forget a lot of concepts. It's like going to the gym regularly all year long, and then taking the summer off... you've got to spend a little time warming back up, and reminding yourself how to do this. Summer school avoids that backsliding, and it helps students build off of the foundation they already have.

Benefit #2:

The nature of education is that new topics build on previous knowledge in order to add nuance and additional understanding. If you have a shaky foundation, particularly in math and science courses, then it might collapse when you try to put bigger, more complex skills on top of that. What summer school courses can help with is fixing that foundational knowledge, and making sure that students have a firm grasp on what they need in order to succeed once school starts back up again. Rather than being forced to move along at the pace of the rest of the class, students can get the help they need with what they are personally struggling with, and that can make a huge difference when it comes time to start taking tests again in the fall.

Benefit #3:

A common misconception is that summer school is only for students who are having trouble, or who need extra help. However, even if a student is staying apace with the rest of the class (or is excelling), that doesn't mean summer school doesn't also offer them benefits. The additional mental stimulation of summer classes, and the ability to pursue things that interest them, means that they keep their minds active during the break. Not just that, but they actually get a chance to progress beyond where they previously were, academically speaking. Much like how taking the summer off from working out means you get lazy and have to work to get back to where you previously were, maintaining and growing your routine over the summer months means that when fall comes around you're actually ahead of where you were previously, and your progress can continue like a freight train that's been allowed to get up to full speed.

What Can Futures Do For You?

All students can benefit from summer classes. Whether they need help strengthening a certain area of their knowledge, they want to build on what they've already learned to excel, or they just don't want to forget all the skills they've learned throughout the previous school year, Futures Academy summer classes can help them. Because it's a lot easier to learn at a steady pace than it is to constantly stop and start.

If you have questions about what other benefits Futures Academy offers, simply contact us today! Whatever your needs, we're here to help students become their best.