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Homeschool Support: Finding an Education Partner

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As your child advances in the upper grades of homeschooling, you might feel as though you and your child could benefit from some help.

Futures Academy is the proud partner of homeschooling families (Grades 6-12) who are looking for some extra support.

Whether there's a course that you can't teach—or if there's another need that's not being met in your homeschooling environment— Futures Academy offers options to suit your specific needs as a homeschooling family.

Part-Time Enrollment Options

With Futures Academy, you and your child can determine the level and scale of enrollment. Perhaps you're only looking for a class (or two). Futures Academy allows you to be selective when you sign up your child for classes.

Our part-time enrollment allows you to continue the flow of your homeschooling program, adding exactly the course you need in order to make it a well-rounded program.

Flexible Scheduling

Futures Academy offers a variety of online and in-person classes, both of which feature flexible scheduling. You can build your Futures Academy schedule around your homeschooling program—optimizing the best times of day for your child to participate in our program.

Our flexible scheduling and open enrollment also allows your child to begin a new course at any point during the year. Our homeschooling parents enjoy these benefits of flexible scheduling:

  • A child can repeat a specific class when necessary—following up a difficult homeschooling experience in that class with additional academic support from Futures Academy.
  • A child who is accelerated in a particular area can advance to the next level without needing to wait for the next school year to begin.
  • A homeschooling family who travels due to a seasonal work schedule can enroll in a Futures Academy class at any point during the year.

Social Options

Sometimes it can be difficult for homeschooling families to find socialization outside of the home. Futures Academy offers a way for your child to participate in the social life of an active campus.

In addition to our small-group seminar classes, we also offer a variety of interest-based clubs, in the arts, sciences, and more.

Academic Support

If you're enrolling your child in the class that's the most difficult for them, know that Futures Academy offers one-to-one courses that allow for targeted instruction and intensive exploration of the topic.

Your child won't experience the crush of feeling "rushed" through the curriculum with the additional one-to-one support.

You might also feel as though the academic support at Futures Academy helps you as a homeschooling parent. As your child takes a class with us, you'll gain additional tips and insights for how to further support your child at home.

Preparation for Transitions

If your child has been homeschooling for many years, you might be a bit concerned about the transition to college or the world of work. Futures Academy can serve as a transitional experience for your teenager.

Our program allows your child to participate in a structured experience that also promotes independence. Your child might benefit from:

  • A new perspective of a different teacher.
  • New insights into course material.
  • Being held accountable for work completion... by someone other than you.

Creating Variety

Futures Academy also helps homeschooling families who might be looking for a little variety in their schedule. The week can sometimes feel long and unstructured while homeschooling—but adding in an online course, or an in-person course can "break things up" and add some excitement to your schedule.


Our California campuses were designed to suit the needs of all of the families that we serve, with a light and bright color scheme at every location. Our online classes also make it easy for your child to learn in the location that best suits their needs.

Contact Futures Academy, and learn more about how we can help to enhance your homeschooling program!