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Virtual Reality at Futures Academy

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By: Mojan Kamalvand, Futures Academy Curriculum Specialist

According to Forbes, throughout time, humans have used different techniques to convey complex concepts. Visualization is one of the most effective of these techniques. In education, it is important to benefit from those techniques in order to build a strong learning environment for our students.  

One of the major advantages of Virtual Reality (VR) is not only that it allows us to add another dimension to our classrooms, but also they can eliminate other class distractions. At Futures Academy-Newport Beach, we offer this technology to help our students succeed. As Owen, one of our middle-school students said, “Cool! This is so much fun! I am learning a lot.”

Today, students are able to experience and understand situations that they would otherwise have never been exposed to. Newport Beach students look forward to using this device, as Amelia said in the past, “When will we be able to use that? That’s gonna be so much fun!”

VR creates a new way to educate our students on different subject areas. Here are just a few examples…


Using VR for the Anatomy and Physiology course allows students to visualize lectures on anatomical structures in more detail to have a better grasp of how bodies function. This use of VR also eliminates the difficulty visualizing unobservable structures in our bodies. Students are now able to take advantage of this amazing technology to master this course.


Very few people get to experience the incredible world underwater and to understand how oceans impact our lives on land. Hence, VR allows students to observe and interact with a three-dimensional world in the ocean. The goal is to immerse the students and show them the beauty and complexity of these ecosystems.

Earth and Space Science

Experiencing the different aspects of both Earth and space in reality can be complicated and not achievable in many cases. Therefore, using VR in this course allows the students to travel anywhere on Earth and throughout space. This technology helps students visualize concepts that are not easily observed and understood.   

Given that using VR has many benefits, it is fortunate that Futures Academy provides this kind of technology to students to create a more interactive learning environment. As our Futures students always state, “Using VR is AWESOME!”


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