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Happiness Factor: Why Happy Students Do Better Academically

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Every parent wants their child to do well in school, and many parents are continually looking for ways to help their students achieve this goal. But what if the answer was straightforward, what if it depended on how happy the student was? A study done by Christina Hinton, Ed.D, a Harvard researcher, has found that there is a significant correlation between a student's success and their happiness level. These studies show that a happy student is a better student with higher GPAs and a higher drive to learn. The research concluded that the more content a student is, the more likely they are to do well in school. So the question is, how can schools incorporate these methods and help our students flourish? 

Happy Thoughts = Better Grades

Research done by the Research School International found there was a significant association between a student's happiness level and their academic success. These results were exceptionally accurate for students in elementary school through high school. Not only did the studies conclude that the students who felt happier had higher grades, but their level of positive feelings had a direct effect on their school work. The study ultimately found that those students that felt happy and accepted by their school, teacher, and peers were more likely to push themselves in projects and other school work. That is why Futures Academy thrives in this area of schooling through their non-traditional approach to learning. The teachers at Futures help students discover how they learn best and provide tailored instructions to each student. The format of these lessons incorporates the individual student's interests and strengths. And it also provides a fun approach to school work, which allows students to find their passion and love for learning. Futures Academy provides students with the independent attention and encouragement that they need while also focusing on their standalone abilities and interests, which essentially leads to their academic and life successes.  

School Culture and the Significant Impact on Happiness

Another essential aspect of a student's happiness and success is the importance of their school's culture. The study done by Ms. Hinton found that if schools provide a nurturing relationship between teachers and their students, the result was higher student achievements. That's what Futures Academy hopes to provide its students with its one-to-one and small group instructional approaches. Not only does this teaching format create a healthy community for the teacher and the students, but it allows a positive learning environment for them as well. Futures Academy follows a school reimagined belief, which enables students to have direct contact and access to their teachers while also forming small groups and micro-communities. These methods allow students to not only build strong mentor relationships, but it also allows them to connect with their peers quicker and create those friendships bonds a lot easier. The key to Futures Academy's success is their ability to redefine the traditional school mentality and instead focus on producing the happy student, which in turn helps students excel in academics, and lets them create a community where they prosper.  

Science of Happiness Course

At Futures Academy, the goal is not only to help students reach their academic potential but also to help elevate a student's happiness levels as well. Through specialized classes like the Science of Happiness Course, Futures Academy prepares its students with the skills and habits that will help them develop a growth mindset. This particular course uses cutting-edge research from the fields of neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and even positive psychology. Ultimately teaching the students how to overcome obstacles, approach their homework in fruitful ways, improve their study habits, and also helps them manage their stress levels. The goal of this program is for students to adopt these new attitudes and behaviors in not only their studies but their everyday life, which will lead them to become happier people and, ultimately, more successful individuals. 

At Futures Academy, we don't teach like a traditional school.  We provide our students with a school that is not only tailored to them individually but one that focuses on the whole student: their mindset, their happiness, and their growth. For further information about enrollment, or if you would like to attend our FREE pop-up workshop in February, which will consist of Futures Academy content including the Science of Learning, Science of Happiness and Study Skills, contact us today!