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It's Not Too Early to Think About Summer

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Many students find themselves becoming bored and stir-crazy once summer begins. Subconsciously, they want the structure and predictability of school days, yet they complain when the beginning of the next school year approaches. And parents are left wondering why things have to be so complicated. But Futures Academy has good news for you: It is really not that complicated. Young people thrive on consistency. They need both consistent structure and responsibility and consistent times to rest, relax, and have fun. This is why summer school might be the best option for your student. Here are five reasons to enroll in summer school.

1. It keeps your student's brain working. 

The phrase "If you don't use it, you lose it" may seem cutesy and old fashioned. But there is actually quite a bit of truth to it. The brain is designed to work only as much as it has to. Thus, while it is important not to overstimulate the brain (which leads to stress), it is also important to keep the brain working at a healthy, consistent rate. After all, increased neural activity in the brain leads to longer life and higher ability. The brain is like a muscle. If we do not use it, it becomes weaker than it was to begin with. If we work it out, however, it grows.  Summer school ensures that your student's brain continues to develop throughout the summer. 

2. It ensures that your student will not experience any learning loss.

Jumping back into school after an entire summer off can be difficult for a student. Not only do students find it hard to apply themselves after not using their academic muscles all summer, they find that they have forgotten much of what they learned during the past year. Before you start criticizing your student for forgetting, think about how much you actually remember from three months ago, much less nine or ten. If we do not use information for an extended period of time, forgetting it is natural. This is why summer school is such a smart choice for your student. If they continue to use and build on their knowledge, they will retain the information far better.

3. It gives your student something productive to do during the summer.

Let's be honest. The combination of energetic young people and three months without any schedule is a recipe for trouble. Once again, remember not to blame everything on your student. They are responsible for their actions, but they are still learning how to do this thing called life. And an entire summer with no homework gives them plenty of space to make a few too many mistakes. Summer school provides a little structure throughout the summer months so students do not feel lost. There is still plenty of time to explore, relax, and have fun. But summer school provides just enough responsibility to keep your student from going crazy.

4. It puts your student one step ahead.

This is one area in which it can be very easy to compare your student to other students. But resist the urge. Instead, focus on your student's personal growth, regardless of what other young people are doing. The point is not to get one step ahead of everyone else. The point is to get one step ahead of where you would have been if you had not decided to take summer school. Summer school allows your student to develop in their academics, in their character, and in their confidence. And this is priceless.

5. It takes the pressure off during the school year. 

Starting a new school year can be extremely stressful for a student. As mentioned above, they are trying to get back into the groove of studying, trying to remember all the information from last year, and trying to fill their minds with new information all at the same time. No wonder students complain about school starting again! Summer school, however, solves all of these problems in one blow. It keeps students' minds in ship shape and helps them remember all the necessary information for the next school year. So when school officially begins next Fall, your student can approach his or her studies stress free. 

Discover summer school at Futures Academy! Students can take classes on a part-time basis to make-up or catch-up, also referred to as “credit recovery” or “grade remediation”. Students may transfer the grade or credit earned back to their home school. Students can also accelerate their learning or get ahead in a particular subject area or just take classes for fun! Futures Academy's course listing includes 170 core courses, 31 Honors, 18 AP and over 70 exciting 21st century electives.

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