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Fostering the Talent of a Gifted Student

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Imagine your child, off to the college of his choice, fully equipped with the educational, social, and mental skills needed to be successful. Imagine that he not only has the smarts and superior grades, but he also possesses an understanding of his abilities and emotions, and he knows how to deal when things get tough-- in essence, he is equipped with the blueprint to success. 

At Futures Academy, we pride ourselves in helping our students reach their full potential. We have an in-depth understanding of the skills students need going into the future. Not only are the programs we offer tailored to your student's learning style, but we also offer personal development courses that are crafted to help each individual to learn about him or herself, in a positive, proactive way.

Perhaps this is why 94% of our students end up going on to be accepted into college. 

Previously known as Halstrom Academy, our accredited school was founded in 1986. We have hosted over 19,000-plus students and graduates to date. With the skill of our passionate staff, Futures Academy offers top-notch instruction, with one-to-one instruction, both online and on-campus. We work side-by-side with our students to help them surpass their goals. 

We invite you to see what makes our approach so successful! 

As a school that tailors education to individuals, our campuses employ teachers who are highly-skilled in different areas of expertise. Much of our staff aids in fostering the talents of our gifted students. Although gifted kids are typically viewed as high-performing intellectually, they aren't always what is considered "book smart." Many can display signs of giftedness in other areas, such as in music, or art. But without the proper learning environment and fostering of their talents, your gifted child or teen could become frustrated and confused-- or even fall behind in their academics, simply because their abilities are not being properly identified. In a traditional classroom, intellectually inclined students can grow bored and quit trying all together. Teachers who aren't trained to spot the traits of giftedness might even deem their lack of interest as being defiant or disrespectful, when in reality, the material that's offered, just isn't engaging. Many gifted kids also deal with bullying. Other students can misinterpret or feel threatened by a gifted child's intentions. That's why it's important to be certain that your child or teen is in a positive learning environment, where he feels safe and accepted by both his teachers, and peers. As a parent, you want to see your child happy and growing--physically and intellectually. If you've noticed that he's hit a standstill, maybe it's time to reassess.

The right opportunity is all that stands in the way of seeing your child reach new heights of potential.  

At Futures Academy, we use the EMPOWER philosophy. We help students to develop superior learning habits that will not only help them to move forward in their studies, but will also guide them in handling situations they face throughout their lives. We've found that this model makes a monumental difference in our students' quality of life, both in and out of the classroom. The philosophy focuses on developing good character and problem-solving skills, based off the habits of mindfulness, positivity, and self-awareness. These key elements are particularly helpful to our gifted students. Although being gifted is an honor, the pressure and expectations that come along with it, can be quite overwhelming. 

Although we agree that a quality education is important, we also see the importance of incorporating  mental health awareness, and helping our kids to reach new heights when it comes to being emotionally intelligent. By focusing on all three aspects of each individual's needs, we ensure that our kids receive an education that will serve them in all areas of life. 

At Futures Academy, we match our students with teachers who understand their needs-- enabling us to  tailor to each individual, while creating a positive relationship between teacher and student.

With our unique approach and contagious attitudes, we are excited to help you explore your options.