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A School That Helps ALL Students Thrive

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For a long time, the traditional schooling system was a place that was known for their ability to help children experience educational growth, a place to help students become well-rounded adults, and a place that sparked academic success. However, over time these key characteristics of traditional schooling have been quickly dwindling. Now news stories of overcrowded classrooms, outdated curriculums, and school closings fill our afternoons. What was once a place of opportunity for creativity and problem solving is now a place where freedom is greatly restricted. However, there is something that parents can do. Instead of going with the norm of what is considered traditional schooling, parents can reinvest in their children's education and try a school reimagined at Futures Academy.

Traditional Schooling Issues

Everyone understands what traditional schooling entails. It consists of one classroom, 20-30 students, and one teacher. It follows a standard, generalized curriculum that is to be obeyed by all students. There is no special attention for students that are excelling past their peers or those that are struggling to keep up. It's a "one size fits all" model that hasn't been working for a long time. Instead of looking at how to fix this structure, experts are trying to figure out ways to make the school day longer. The whole traditional school model relies on an outdated blueprint model that just ends up hindering children's growth and blocking them from their full potential. Studies have found, that no matter the type of student (A student or F student), by middle school or high school, they have lost their zest for learning. This is a clear indication that the traditional model is just not working.

  • Even though technology is changing the world at a rapid pace, the traditional school education system hasn't been innovated in hundreds of years.
  • Traditional schooling has been offering teachers the same training that they had decades ago, not preparing them to teach in this new digitally advanced age.
  • Through traditional schooling, students are not being prepared for advanced post-secondary education, resulting in being poorly equipped to handle college.

Futures Academy Benefits

At Futures Academy, the approach to schooling is quite different than the traditional schooling model. At Futures Academy, the students are the center of the program, and the learning environment is adapted to their needs. Futures Academy focuses on a one-to-one and small group instructional approach. Through this system, they hope to create a healthy school community that focuses on each individual student and delivers them a better way to learn. As is seen in countless studies, the large classroom model does not fit every student's capabilities. Traditional schooling seems to forget that some students learn faster than others while other students require further clarification and need to ask more questions. Each individual student has their own way to thrive, learn, and cope and that's what makes Futures Academy the ideal alternative schooling opportunity. The teachers at Futures Academy discover ways how to help each student and tailor each program around their individual needs. This process not only helps students grow and learn, but gives them the confidence and the resources that are necessary for them to succeed in the real world. The benefits of Futures Academy are endless, and a great place to start for students that are looking for another option to get the education they need.

  • Futures Academy works with ALL types of students:
    • Students that need quieter classrooms.
    • Students that need extra help or tutoring.
    • Students that need more of an academic challenge.
    • Students that need an alternative or flexible schedule.
  • Futures Academy offers the flexibility of a year-round, open enrollment policy meaning you can enroll now and start at any time. Students may choose to attend full-time, part-time (high school only) or only during summer months. 
  • Futures Academy helps build strong peer connections with their specifically designed micro-community that makes it easier for students to get to know each other.
  • Futures Academy's tailored education format prepares each student for higher learning by extending their studies and tackling concepts and topics well beyond what is typically taught in a traditional advanced class.

For some, traditional schooling works. For others, the traditional schooling system is extremely flawed and leaves students struggling to stay afloat. Sometimes the only option to make schooling better is to transform the whole process of learning. Futures Academy excels at this process. At Futures Academy, their focus is not only on academics, but on the whole student, which is why their tailored curriculum not only prepares each student scholastically, but also teaches them optimism, a growth mindset, and specific habits that help students cultivate happiness alongside core academics. For more information about their specific programs, contact Futures Academy today.


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