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Bullying Prevention: Why Protecting Our Students Matters

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Bullying is a significantly disquieting issue that many kids and teens around the country face on a regular basis. According to recent studies, about 1 in 5 school students report that they've been bullied, while about 33% of them report being bullied at least once or twice a month. These situations can be aggravating, distressing, and even debilitating in the worst cases. Not only can it take a toll on a child's emotional health, but their mental and physical health may also suffer as a result. Overall, it creates a more difficult environment in which to study and grow comfortably, which is why it's important for parents and educators to take action. 

In light of October being Bullying Prevention Month, we at Futures Academy would like to draw attention to these issues and the ways we strive for a safe and more comfortable school community. Solving a problem is never easy, but working to create a safe environment for students to be educated is an endeavor that genuinely helps to create a brighter future.  

Why Bullying Is A Problem

The truth is that bullying affects everyone involved negatively. The person who bullies, the person being bullied, and everyone who witnesses bullying are all internalizing the moment, meaning they carry the experience with them. The effects of these scenarios can last into adulthood, or even a lifetime, which creates a problem that diminishes life and learning opportunities for everyone. 

For children being bullied, the experience could result in depression, anxiety, loneliness, lack of self-worth, disruption in sleeping or eating patterns, and physical health complaints. They're also more likely to suffer academically, participate less in school activities, and are statistically more likely to drop out than the average student. In some cases, it can seem like they have no way out, which can possibly lead to violent reactions against themselves or others.

Bystanders are also more likely to suffer from mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. They may also have a higher likelihood of skipping school and abusing harmful substances. For any child who's gone through these experiences, it's important for their parents and teachers to address their needs in a genuinely supportive manner. With the right help, it may be possible to resolve the situation and reassure them of their value and safety. 

For kids who bully others, there are personal concerns that affect them in addition to the ones they hurt. Kids who bully are more likely to engage in aggressive, violent, and risky behavior throughout life. This can include problems such as substance abuse, fights, vandalism, abuse towards others, and criminal behaviors. Statistically, they're also more likely to drop out of school than other students. As important as it is to address the issues of those who've been bullied, it's also important to recognize the issues facing children who do the bullying. Addressing their problems can be the key to improving the situation overall. 

Our Bully-Free Environment

At Futures Academy, our small nurturing environment makes it easier to form positive and supportive connections between students. We take bullying seriously, and we do our part to ensure every student feels safe, valued, and supported while they're here. Our students spend time together and have more opportunities to form lasting friendships than they would with most other schools. With designated social areas, various after-class clubs and activities, and a genuinely unique campus culture, we form a connected community that enables students to have positive relationships and perform their best.

Not every school could build an environment the way we do, which is why our campus represents such a unique and rewarding opportunity. Our students have access to a social and educational experience like nowhere else, which includes being a bully-free zone for them to live and learn and learn comfortably. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns, and learn more about our school's commitment to innovative and forward-thinking education.