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Students with Executive Function Challenges

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If your teen has difficulty planning, organizing and completing tasks, personalized classroom instruction can help. 

Students who struggle with getting started on projects, keeping organized, or completing tasks like homework may have challenges with what are called “Executive Functions.” Executive Functions are an important set of skills that allow people to plan, organize and complete tasks. Children who have challenges with Executive Functions often struggle in school. Schoolwork can become a nightmare because they regularly lose assignments or start weeklong projects the night before they are due.


Students who struggle with Executive Functions:

  • Have difficulty organizing thoughts to make a case, particularly under pressure
  • Struggle to make a plan to get something done, don’t know where to start
  • Don’t read other peoples cues well, have trouble knowing when their behavior is inappropriate
  • Have challenges gauging how much time it takes to get something done
  • Find it overwhelming to get a project started, trouble breaking a task into smaller steps
  • Struggle with emotional control, can overreact and have trouble accepting constructive criticism
  • Have trouble keeping track of progress and evaluating whether they are doing well or poorly

While some students who struggle with executive function issues require personalized counseling and support outside of school, any student who deals with these types of challenges can benefit from a school that offers tailored, personalized education.

One such school is Futures Academy, which provides customized schooling through 1:1 instruction. With just one teacher and one student in class, students are able to learn at their own pace and receive accommodations to help them overcome challenges and be successful in school. At Futures Academy, students and teachers develop a healthy rapport and hold one another accountable for student success. Teachers come to really understand where students shine and where they struggle, and are able to personalize instruction to each student’s learning preference. Students feel safe asking questions and letting their teachers know when they are not connecting to material so they can get additional support they need.

If you have questions about how we can help students with executive function challenges, please contact us

We look forward to working with you to help your child achieve academic success.