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Finding the Right School for Students with ADD/ADHD

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If your child struggles with ADD or ADHD, you know they experience a variety of academic challenges that other students simply don't have to deal with. Whether academic struggles have existed for a long time or are just beginning to show, you want to be sure your child is able to get the best possible education you can provide. If you want to find help for a student with ADD or ADHD, make sure you ask these questions before selecting a school.

What size are the classes? small class size allows teachers to give each child more one-to-one attention. With fewer students to manage, teachers have more time and energy to redirect a child whose attention is wandering, shift the lesson when it becomes evident that a student is struggling to connect with the material, and customize lessons to each student’s individual learning pace. A small class size also provides fewer distractions for students with ADD or ADHD.

What strategies do teachers use to help students stay focused? Teachers have a variety of methods they can use to help students better connect with course material and retain what they learn. Mnemonic devices, hands-on activities, multi-sensory instruction, graphic organization, and differentiated instruction are just some of the tools that can significantly improve your child's academic progress. Knowing that teachers have these tools and use them on a regular basis will let you know that your child is in good hands each day.

What resources are available for struggling students? Unfortunately, many schools have limited options to help students with unique needs. When a school is able to designate resources to support struggling students, especially those with ADD and ADHD, those students are able to experience greater levels of success. Futures Academy is one school that provides a healthy learning environment for ADD/ADHD students through customized 1:1 and small group instruction.

You want your child to have the best possible chance in school in spite of their ADD or ADHD. By choosing a school with care, you'll discover that your student is better able to achieve academic success. Over time, they might even come to like school more. The right school makes all the difference.