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The Overwhelming Benefits of Summer School

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Summer school used to be viewed as punishment. It was an empty threat teachers used to get their students to be more productive in the classroom. "Do your work! You don't want to end up in summer school, do you?" Of course, with summer being the time to ditch the proverbial pencils and books, the answer was always a resounding no.

But these days, parents, teachers and students are seeing summer school for what it really is: a golden opportunity. It's an opportunity to reinforce and refine the skills a student has learned but not yet mastered, a chance to catch up or move ahead academically, an opportunity to discover interests not covered in depth during the school year and it can even allow a student to explore college-level courses. Read on to discover why summer school is right for your child.

The Summer Slide

Education Week reports that the average student loses between one and three months of learning during summer break. One to three months! Imagine having to start the school year with a three month deficit of knowledge. It only serves to frustrate your child, leading to a lack of comprehension and, subsequently, motivation.

However, studies show that summer learning, including summer school, can prevent this slide from ever occurring. By enrolling in Futures Academy Summer School, you'll ensure that your child's brain is fully engaged throughout the summer, affording him a strong start to the next school year.

Credit Recovery/Grade Remediation

Life takes many twists and turns and, for many reasons, a student may end up a credit or two behind his peers. This is where Futures Academy Summer School shines. By allowing your child to recover missed classes and credits, students can begin the next school year on an even playing field with their classmates. What's more, they may even be at an advantage. With the information fresh in their brains, the aforementioned Summer Slide doesn't have a chance to take effect.

But what if your child is on pace with his peers? Can he still benefit from Credit Recovery and Grade Remediation? Absolutely.

In most disciplines, but especially math and science, learning is structured like a house. There is a foundation of knowledge that needs to be put down before advancing to the next level. The first floor must be complete and stable before starting on the second floor, and so on. If your student has a poor understanding of a subject's basic concepts, moving on to the next class up is certain to end badly. By taking a class again, however, a student relearns and reinforces concepts and refines his problem-solving skills, setting him up for success in subsequent classes in the years ahead.


In classrooms across the country, there is a common refrain from students: "When will I need to know this?" At Futures Academy Summer School, students have the opportunity to take classes that they'll not only use, but will actually enjoy. Students can explore career paths from the arts to business to engineering in our exclusive  21st Century Skills Electives. Your aspiring video game maker might enjoy  a summer of coding, while your budding chef is introduced to culinary arts. And with the help of our staff, students will engage in real-world learning that is both hands-on, experiential and relevant.


Whether your child is looking to move through a grade more quickly or is ready for the challenge of college-level courses, Futures Academy Summer School can help. With options to take general-level UC, CSU and NCAA approved courses, your child will gain a competitive edge and practical skills for their future educational endeavors. And with our one-to-one teaching model, students who need an accelerated pace can move through our summer classes in a fraction of the time. 

These days, when a teacher asks if a student wants to end up in summer school, the obvious answer is yes. With a myriad of social and educational benefits and opportunities for personal and academic growth, enrolling in Futures Academy Summer School is an easy choice. Please contact us to learn more about what Futures Academy can offer your student this summer.