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Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential Through Targeted Learning

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Over the years, there has been a spike in the number of students per classroom across the country, and the effects of the overcrowding are beginning to become more noticeable as the exponential growth continues. While some students thrive in this environment, others find it to be too overwhelming and end up succumbing to the realities that come with overcrowded classrooms. These realities include:

Less Attention From The Teacher – In classrooms ranging from 25 to 30 students, the amount of meaningful attention a teacher can give to a student diminishes greatly, which hinders the student’s ability to ask further questions to comprehend the lesson plan.

Unruly Classrooms – With more students come more obstacles in regards to learning. Overcrowded classrooms often equate to increased noise levels and disciplinary issues, which can either pull impressionable students into the unruliness or enhance their inability to keep up with the information being given by an instructor.

Less Access to Resources – Overcrowded classrooms make resources such as technology, scarce. When teachers are unable to accommodate students with the tools they need to thrive in the classroom, they are often pushed to the sidelines, struggling to stay afloat, and when they do get the access they are then playing catch up with the rest of the class.

Parents have begun to realize the impact of overcrowding on their children's performance and have decided to search for alternate options. For all of these students, we created Futures Academy… a school where every student belongs and feels comfortable learning, where their individual needs are being met, and where they can excel and feel proud of their accomplishments.

At Futures Academy, your child is THE single focus in each class.

1:1 Instruction and Content Mastery 

Our classrooms are based on the art and science of one-to-one instruction. The science originated with Dr. Karen Bishop and Dr. Bloom’s research showing that pacing instruction to each student’s individual needs improves learning outcomes dramatically. In the one student to one teacher model, there are no distractions, no noise, and no interruptions.

Our teachers customize learning plans and tailor content to each student’s interests, which draws students into learning and builds engagement. Most importantly, our teachers adjust pacing of instruction to ensure students master the material before moving forward – so there is no falling behind.

Futures Academy students excel in a nurturing environment, an atmosphere free from bullying, and most importantly, a school focused on their success. We’ve built Futures with that student in mind.

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