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Why More Learners Prefer Alternative Schools Over Traditional Schools

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It may help to know that alternative schools are a broad rather than specific category. According to Wikipedia, “An alternative school is an educational establishment with curriculum and methods that are nontraditional.” The key word is non-traditional. Any school outside of the beaten path fits within this category.

Alternative schools provide a place for students who struggle within a traditionally structured system. For a parent worried for their student’s education, alternative schools can be what the name suggests: another option. Within the category of alternative are specific brands that can aid a multitude of situations from innovative approaches to learning to providing a safe environment. Just as students are unique in their situation and needs, alternative schools are varied in their nature to accommodate these realities.

In alternative schools, some of the approaches put in place as of 2001 include a focus on a unique curriculum and instructional methods. Others focus on the students' interests and needs; some concentrate on career themes while others pay more attention to innovative learning.

There are many reasons parents and students opt for an alternative school vs. a traditional school:

  • Learning disabilities that might make it difficult to retain information.
  • Bored or not challenged enough.
  • Bullying / social or behavioral difficulties.
  • Student athletes / actors who need a more individual approach or flexible scheduling.

Whatever the reason, many past students of alternative schooling have credited the approach as a significant turning point in their lives, highlighting the many benefits they experienced.

Benefits of Alternative Schools:

  • The smaller class sizes put in place allow students to gain more personalized attention while also making it easier for teachers to tailor lessons that are specific to that student's needs.
  • The flexibility of the schedule and innovative curriculum gives the student more choices in the classes. Hence, allowing them the opportunity to study something that is of interest to them.
  • The wide variety of teaching methods emphasizing on interaction and creativity can be helpful especially if the learner finds it hard to sit and take notes in a class all day.
  • The lack of non-traditional evaluation methods remove the unnecessary pressure a student faces in a traditional school. The evaluation methods promote the habit of learning to learn instead of learning only to pass an exam.
  • Alternative schools have resources put in place to cater for the social, mental and emotional needs of the student. This allows for the school to not only focus on the educational needs but have a more holistic approach.

At Futures Academy, our solution for students who don't do well in the traditional class set up is the more personal one-to-one approach. We look different, we teach differently, and we deliver next generation education in a ‘one size fits none’ model. We are a premium, personalized school with vibrant classroom settings offering customized instruction tailored for each student's learning style. Our focus is not only on academics, but on the whole student, which is why we teach optimism, growth mindset, and the habits for cultivating happiness alongside core academics.