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Rest Essential For Student Success

Teens and Sleep Image

Time and time again, we hear about the importance of sufficient sleep for physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Teens Are Missing Out on Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation provides a shocking statistic on the sleep deficit of most teenagers. But although teenagers need between 8 to 10 hours a night of shut-eye, only fifteen percent of teens actually get more than 8.5 hours of sleep on school nights.

This statistic might not seem all that shocking if you've seen your teen nod off on the sofa, still wearing his or her backpack. Or if you get yet another report from school that your teen has fallen asleep in class. Or if you see the lights on in your teen's room at midnight, but he or she struggles to get of bed in the morning.

Teens Have Different Circadian Rhythms

The early schedules of many schools work in complete opposition to the natural rhythms of people in their teenage years. Neurology Times tells us that a delayed melatonin release causes teens to fall asleep long after nightfall, and stay asleep longer after the sun rises. So, it's not just another form of rebellion that's causing your teen to be awake at all hours of the night!

Of course, teens function best with a consistent sleep schedule, the same bedtime every night. But that bedtime might be later than their school schedule permits.

Luckily, Futures Academy works with your child's sleep needs - not against them. 

Flexible Scheduling

Futures Academy offers flexible scheduling that allows students to take classes at their peak learning times. The empowerment that results from this is not to be understated.

For many of our new students, it is an eye-opening experience to attend class for the first time, feeling awake and refreshed. The alertness factor alone enhances the educational experience. Now, add to this all of the other positive differences we offer... and the difference you'll see is significant. 

The Student-Achiever and Sleep Deprivation

Does your child meet any of the following characteristics?

  • Star Athlete
  • Professional Actor
  • Talented Musician
  • Talented Artist
  • Inventive Creator

If so, you know how difficult it can be to fit in school with your child's other passion(s). Between busy travel schedules, frequent practice sessions, or constant extra-curricular demands, your child's sleep is usually the first thing to suffer. 

But as discussed earlier, teens need more sleep than they're typically getting. An article by Juliann Garey links sleep deprivation in teens to risky behavior, moodiness, and even injuries

Injuries? That's the last thing your child needs, especially if he or she is a star athlete. But it's likely you've seen your child stumble around, exhausted, and you can blame his or her frenzied schedule.

The Difference is Crucial

Teens and tweens suffer when their school schedules don't match their sleep schedules. 

Futures Academy can make a world of difference in your child's ability to navigate the teen years. Allow your teen to be wide-awake and in full control of his or her destiny. Contact us for more information about our alternative school experience.