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5 Ways to Help Your Child Develop a New Mindset

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As we find ourselves in the third month of 2019, many of us may feel dread about looking back on the resolutions we made and how far from them we really are. What changes did we want to implement? What positive transformations or significant impact did we want to attain our goals?

How we go about pursuing our goals is what makes them unattainable, and not necessarily the goals themselves. According to 7 Mindsets, "...an incredible 92% of people say that the goals and resolutions they set for themselves each year never get achieved... The key commonality among the top 8% who do achieve their goals and resolutions is a similar set of success-oriented mindsets that guide their thoughts and actions." 

While these ideas are pretty simple for adults to understand, comprehend and implement, what about children -- the little people who need a fresh start from time to time? 

From bullying to academic struggles and from social development to different learning styles, the school environment has a significant impact on a young person's life since it is where they spend most of their time. But no matter what struggle or problem a child faces, a fresh start and a new mindset is a perfect start to addressing it, and they can do it all at Futures Academy.

So how do parents and the staff at Futures Academy help children develop a fresh start and a new mindset, thereby helping them solve their conflicts, achieve their goals and grow into successful, healthy adults? Let's take a look!

1. Help Students Make a List of S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Teaching a child about S.M.A.R.T. goals is, well...smart! 

S.M.A.R.T. goals encourage goal-setting based on five criteria. Before setting a goal, encourage children to ask themselves if the goal is:

S -- Specific

M -- Measurable 

A -- Attainable 

R -- Relevant 

T -- Timely 

Futures Academy aims its mission by "...reimagining education to embrace students who learn better outside traditional school models. [It] connects teachers and students in environments that build a sense of belonging, hope, and excitement for the future... every life is transformed by learning."

By establishing this type of learning environment, Futures Academy is set to help their students not only reach their S.M.A.R.T. goals, but help them step on the path to their ultimate purpose in life.

2. Help Students Establish Milestones

One of the best ways to change your mindsets and realize your dreams is through setting tiny, yet achievable milestones. These milestones require almost no motivation or willpower to accomplish, and yet, each is a positive step towards reaching an ultimate goal. If a student wants to ace a class, they shouldn't put their focus on acing the midterms, or the final exam -- they should focus on getting a good grade on the next small assignment, and then the next small assignment, etc. That way, they'll focus on one milestone at a time, ultimately helping them progress to their ultimate goal -- acing the class.  

7 Mindsets asks: "[But] how can these tiny goals actually make an impact? It's because massive change requires small steps, repeated daily, which create momentum and yield positive cumulative results. The top 8% of achievers understand this, but most people never try this strategy because they think it seems pointless to start so small. Wrong! Over time, consistently hitting your small goals will form new mindset habits, and that's real progress toward revamping your thinking so you can reach your biggest dreams."

Futures Academy's Values:

  • Academic instruction focused on a student's skills, interests, needs and rate of progress
  • A student/teacher partnership working together to achieve content mastery and personal goals
  • Highly qualified instructors always looking out for our student's best interests
  • Education aligned with 21st century learning
  • Innovative technology to aid in all aspects of learning
  • A social environment where students are known and belong, creating lasting friendships

3. Help Students Recognize Efforts & Celebrate Success

It's okay to make mistakes -- it's even okay to fail. 7 Mindsets states, "When most people hit a wall, they make an excuse or give up. High achievers realize that the only thing that will keep them from their goals is to stop trying… so they don't!  They know that they'll encounter obstacles and even fail along the way. What separates them from the other 92% is that they prepare for failure mentally. They know it's coming, and it doesn't scare them or make them give up. When failure happens, they seek feedback and make adjustments to get back in the game. You can do this by giving yourself permission to fail. It will take the pressure off getting a perfect end result, and you can be ready to learn from missteps and make adjustments that will keep you moving forward." 

Futures Academy's Happiness Factor:

Futures Academy aims to help students discover not only the best learning style for them, but how to implement habits that promote growth mindset and improved happiness. Students can improve their study patterns, monitor stress, overcome obstacles, address homework, and successfully meet deadlines. Futures Academy also provides a variety of workshops and opportunities for students to develop habits to improve happiness. Futures Academy's goal is for students to learn how to work independently and adopt the behaviors and actions that promote the happiness factor.

4. Help Students Learn Negative vs. Positive Self-Talk

7 Mindsets states "...around 65,000 thoughts go through our minds each day.  Unfortunately, in the case of most people, the majority of them are negative.  These 'Automatic Negative Thoughts' (ANTs) occur so often that you're probably not even aware of them (most of us aren't)...All of us have different ANTs, and, without knowing it, we're habitually allowing them to destroy our dreams. It's hard to remain positive when that little voice is constantly spouting off and saying things like, 'I can't talk to her,' 'I'm not smart enough,' 'I'm out of shape,' 'I'm not qualified'…etc. The way to start exterminating the ANTs in your head is to begin paying attention to them [emphasis added]. Notice when you hear that disparaging voice, and recognize how frequently it happens. More than likely, you'll find that your limiting thoughts can be narrowed down to a few key themes. Taking note of this is a major step because we can't change what we haven't acknowledged."

One-to-One Academics & Connected Community 

The Futures Academy team consists of education-focused professionals that have your student's best interests in mind. They work together to bring you innovative one-to-one education in a safe, nurturing, and socially engaging environment. Futures Academy strives to give your child top quality education with cutting-edge technology, so they are prepared for college and life after school. The school's success is based on the student's success, and they will work closely with them to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

5. Help Students Practice Mindfulness

As the saying goes, "where your mind goes, energy flows". According to Mindful.org, "...it's important to be aware that when teenagers view themselves and others as incapable of change, they may experience more emotional stress from the ups and downs of daily adolescent life. This stress can not only lead to negative feelings but also stressed-out bodies and poor school performance."

Lifehack.com states: "One of the ways to encourage children to develop a positive mindset and practice it is to talk to them honestly and ask them leading questions. It's not about telling them what to do; it's about explaining to them the value of living positively and making the best of what they already have. Ask your kids thoughtful questions to encourage conversation and help them develop a healthy mindset. Some of these questions will also help you to enhance your relationship with your children and bond with them, while learning to better understand them."

Futures Academy's 4 Pillars of Learning consist of:

  • Transformative Academics
  • Happiness
  • Connected Community
  • Pursue Your Passion

So if you want your child to have a fresh start and develop a new mindset, Futures Academy is the place to do it! So contact us and let us help your child grow into the person they're meant to be!