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Multiple Benefits of Attending Summer School

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Spending summers completely away from the academic environment might seem like a great break from the rigors of education, but students need to consider attending summer school as an investment in their academic future. A class or two during this non-traditional time can accomplish much and still allow for some vacation time. Futures Academy has the summer motto " Catch Up, Make Up or Get Ahead". The school accomplishes these goals by offering a wide variety of summer courses in history, math, science and more. Below are just some of the advantages of attending summer school at Futures Academy.


Credit Recovery:

A student who fails a class during the traditional school year, can often re-take the class in summer. Successful completion (passing) of the course results in credit recovery so that the student is not behind in their academic career and enters the fall semester at the same level as their peers. Credit recovery, done well, can give students a second chance to stay on track for graduation, without lowering expectations.

Enrichment & Learning Reinforcement:

Often students are drawn to specific subjects or particular aspects of a course of study. Summer school can allow curious students to take courses that provide study of a specific interest. Futures Academy offers many 21st century skill electives.

It is well known that students generally "lose" some of the learning they obtained during the school year. An overly long break from the classroom means students often have to re-learn material. Fortunately, summer school reduces or completely stops that loss. 

Sharpen Academic Skills:

Students have the opportunity to sharpen study skills when they attend a summer session. They can increase the rate at which they read; improve their ability to understand complex concepts; learn to take notes more effectively; improve their listening and communication skills; and develop lasting time management strategies. This increased study can help raise a student's test scores.


Futures Academy is committed to the success of its students and provides extensive offerings during the summer. Summer school consists of one-to-one instruction, paired learning or small group classes. Flexible scheduling allows you to schedule classes during optimal learning times and around other activities.

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