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At Futures Academy, we are constantly researching and sharing relevant topics that affect our students and families. We also have guest bloggers sharing their research and best practices. Read our blogs to learn more! 

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What Research Says About Happiness & Student Achievement

Evidence reveals happy students get better grades. This is not to say that happiness is causing students to get better grades, but those who express greater life satisfaction are more likely to do better in school.
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10 Remote Schooling Tips for Students with Auditory Processing Challenges

Auditory processing can mask as other difficulties such as attention problems, poor comprehension, trouble reading, or weak language or social skills.
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Understanding Executive Functioning

Many children and adolescents who struggle with executive functioning go unnoticed because they are very good at compensating for difficulties with their strengths in other areas.
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Benefits of Alternative School in Today's World

Offering 100% live virtual instruction brings about a range of benefits in today's climate; this includes falling in line with social distanced guidelines and protecting the overall health of your family.
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Five Simple Tips for Online Learning Success

The surprise of distance learning this past spring was a wake-up call for many families as they quickly realized their students strengths and challenges when it came to independent learning.
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Parenting the Above Average Child

If you’re the parent of a gifted child, you may be challenged with a unique set of circumstances. Your gifted child might be mentally above average, but have difficulty in other areas.
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The Importance of Physical Activity For Teens

Children and teens will avoid learning loss and have an easier time engaging in lessons if they are active for an hour or two each day. Children also need exercise to maintain good mental health.
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Creating Structure and Routine For Kids During COVID-19

Structure and routine help to maintain balance and normalcy. The more a child can anticipate what is happening, the better they are prepared to face daily challenges and expectations.
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The College Admissions Process: What's Changing?

Covid-19 has thrown a figurative wrench in the works and U.S. colleges, high schools, students and their families are doing their best to navigate through this unprecedented time.
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Beyond the Traditional Classroom: Summer School at Futures

Live online instruction this summer is beneficial because it is one student and one teacher, in a virtual classroom, without distractions.
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6 Effective Ways for Tackling Anxiety in Teens

Be sure to acknowledge their worries or concerns and support your teen. Let him or her know that you are there for them and that you can overcome these feelings together.
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Connecting and Staying Healthy as a Family

Time with family isn’t always easy but with some intentionality and planning, we can be sure that during this pandemic, we’re growing closer, not farther apart.
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How Parents Can Help Teens Feel Less Alone During Covid-19 Pandemic

One crucial part of any coping response is to engage in a conversation with your teen about how they are doing right now.
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Tips to Navigate the Current Academic Climate

By asking questions and allowing kids to think through potential consequences, we allow them to come up with their own conclusions about being proactive in their education.
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How to Support Learning at Home While Working From Home

Students can work at their own pace, get homework help, and enroll in courses that are both interesting and challenging all from the safety of your home.
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Eliminate Academic Worries in Association with COVID-19

All we do know is that we need to make sure our kids are still able to learn, and that means we have to get them successfully learning virtually.
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The Many Advantages of Virtual Learning

Online programs provide students with a variety of options that can help your child thrive and efficiently maintain and further their education in times when attending a physical campus is not conceivable.
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Make The Most of Your Summer

Put some sizzle in your summer with fun learning experiences. Pursue your passions with hands-on, real-world learning in an engaging and student-friendly setting.
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Homeschool Support: Finding an Education Partner

If there is a need that's not being met in your homeschooling environment— Futures Academy offers options to suit your specific needs.
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Virtual Reality at Futures Academy

One of the major advantages of Virtual Reality (VR) is not only that it allows us to add another dimension to our classrooms, but also they can eliminate other class distractions.