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At Futures Academy, we are constantly researching and sharing relevant topics that affect our students and families. We also have guest bloggers sharing their research and best practices. Read our blogs to learn more! 

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Targeted Learning Helps Students Reach Their Full Potential

In a 1:1 learning environment, every interaction, conversation and email exchange provides an opportunity for daily engagement and, as a result, natural evaluation.
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Get Set for Spring Semester

With spring semester officially launching on January 11th at Futures Academy, the time has come to make sure you're all set for the next phase of your school year. Follow these four easy steps.
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3 Small Ways to Promote Optimism

In addition to being good for our overall mental and physical health, developing optimism is a more achievable goal than some of us might think. Though these steps may sound simple, they can make a huge difference.
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Tips to Help Cope with School Stress During the Holidays

Especially during a year as unique as 2020, it's important that we help our students learn to cope with school stress and manage their emotions well during this season.

Benefits Of STEAM In The Classroom

A STEAM classroom encourages students to think deeply about the material being presented to them. Rather than asking students low-level questions, students are asked to do a deep dive into the content.
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Prevent Learning Loss During The Pandemic

We can help students make up their learning gaps and continue to be successful in school. We offer 100% live one-to-one online instruction for middle and high schoolers.
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A Unique Year Requires a Unique Approach

The best learning happens when teachers adapt to the needs, strengths, weaknesses, and individual interests of their students.
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Growth Mindset: The Power Of The Word "YET"

The key for growth mindset is the word "yet." The power of yet lets students know that they have not mastered the content yet, but they are on their way.
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Helping Unique Learners Find Academic Success

We have the expertise and resources to provide one-to-one instruction to students who are having trouble learning in a large classroom setting.
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Self-Talk: 6 Ways to Overcome Negative Thinking and Truly Succeed

Success comes from winning the “battle in your head” — not allowing negative thoughts to drown out the positive.
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Raising Awareness During Bullying Prevention Month

October is the perfect time to take a step back and discuss the prominent topic of bullying and how Futures Academy works to combat bullying.
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Preparing for College Amidst COVID-19

This is the time of year when college-bound students are busy preparing applications and planning for college visits and interviews. This year, however, the college admissions landscape paints a much different picture.
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Finding The Right Homeschool Partner

As with any educational program, homeschooling has a few challenges that must be faced. At Futures Academy, we understand these challenges and can help you overcome them.
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Four Advantages of Alternative School

With the rising challenges of the traditional learning system, alternative schools are significantly becoming important. Read on to learn more about what alternative school is and the associated benefits.
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What Research Says About Happiness & Student Achievement

Evidence reveals happy students get better grades. This is not to say that happiness is causing students to get better grades, but those who express greater life satisfaction are more likely to do better in school.
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10 Remote Schooling Tips for Students with Auditory Processing Challenges

Auditory processing can mask as other difficulties such as attention problems, poor comprehension, trouble reading, or weak language or social skills.
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Understanding Executive Functioning

Many children and adolescents who struggle with executive functioning go unnoticed because they are very good at compensating for difficulties with their strengths in other areas.
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Benefits of Alternative School in Today's World

Offering 100% live virtual instruction brings about a range of benefits in today's climate; this includes falling in line with social distanced guidelines and protecting the overall health of your family.
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Five Simple Tips for Online Learning Success

The surprise of distance learning this past spring was a wake-up call for many families as they quickly realized their students strengths and challenges when it came to independent learning.
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Parenting the Above Average Child

If you’re the parent of a gifted child, you may be challenged with a unique set of circumstances. Your gifted child might be mentally above average, but have difficulty in other areas.