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At Futures Academy, we are constantly researching and sharing relevant topics that affect our students and families. We also have guest bloggers sharing their research and best practices. Read our blogs to learn more! 


Virtual learning blog

The Many Advantages of Virtual Learning

Online programs provide students with a variety of options that can help your child thrive and efficiently maintain and further their education in times when attending a physical campus is not conceivable.


Make The Most of Your Summer

Put some sizzle in your summer with fun learning experiences. Pursue your passions with hands-on, real-world learning in an engaging and student-friendly setting.


Homeschool Support: Finding an Education Partner

If there is a need that's not being met in your homeschooling environment— Futures Academy offers options to suit your specific needs.


Virtual Reality at Futures Academy

One of the major advantages of Virtual Reality (VR) is not only that it allows us to add another dimension to our classrooms, but also they can eliminate other class distractions.


Happiness Factor: Why Happy Students Do Better Academically

Studies show that a happy student is a better student with higher GPAs and a higher drive to learn.


Easy Tips To Get Into The Right Mindset To Succeed

This spring semester, let go of old traditional schooling and outdated teaching methods that are not working. Discover a Better Way to Learn.


It's Not Too Early to Think About Summer

Summer school at Futures Academy provides a little structure throughout the summer months so students do not feel lost. There is still plenty of time to explore, relax, and have fun.


Fostering the Talent of a Gifted Student

In a traditional classroom, intellectually inclined students can grow bored and quit trying. Teachers who aren't trained to spot the traits of giftedness might even deem their lack of interest as being defiant.


Is Your Child Ready To Be Left Alone After School?

Inevitably, you as a parent will at some point have to face this decision. Before you panic, consider these benefits for your child.


A School That Helps ALL Students Thrive

For some, traditional schooling works. For others, the traditional schooling system is extremely flawed and leaves students struggling to stay afloat. Discover School Reimagined.


Developing a Growth Mindset. We can Help.

With a Growth Mindset comes the confidence to try new things and not be afraid of failure. While the journey is not a quick one, it can be extremely rewarding in the end.


3 Tips to Overcome a Poor Progress Report

You want what's best for your child. Taking the time to consider their emotional well-being, work with their teacher, and find supportive alternatives will go a long way towards improving their academic performance.


Bullying Prevention: Why Protecting Our Students Matters

October is Bullying Prevention Month. We at Futures Academy would like to draw attention to these issues and the ways we strive for a safe and nurturing school community.


Rise of Teen Vaping and the Associated Risks

The dangers associated with vaping are vast and many teens and parents may not be aware of them. Futures Academy offers various health and well-being seminars at various campus locations.


Students with Executive Function Challenges

Some students have weaknesses in executive functions and regardless of how bright they are, they struggle to do schoolwork and stay on top of things they’re responsible for.


Achieving Full Potential Through Targeted Learning

We combine targeted learning with one-to-one instruction for student-centric learning. Our teachers adapt to student needs, letting them set the pace for mastering content sequentially.


Creating a Culture of Happiness for Student Success

A study led by Christina Hinton, Ed.D., a Harvard Graduate School of Education lecturer concludes that happier students get better grades and do better in school.


Easy Back to School Tips

Find the joy in smaller classes, individualized attention, guided study and a supportive atmosphere. When an instructor tailors a teaching method to a student’s unique needs, learning success increases exponentially.


Transitioning to Middle School Doesn't Have to Be Traumatic

There are schools that recognize the importance of offering support to students during this tough transition – at the very time they need it most.


Finding the Right School for Students with ADD/ADHD

Whether academic struggles have existed for a long time or are just beginning to show, you want to be sure your child is able to get the best possible education.
Futures Academy has transitioned to teaching 100% LIVE online one-to-one instruction for all courses to support students and families during this time. Enroll now for full-time, part-time courses-for-credit, summer classes and/or personalized tutoring. Call 888.425.7876, fill out the request information form or chat with us to set up a virtual campus tour today!