Futures Academy Campuses

The future of education is here. We have local campuses across California and we teach in an in-person, online, or hybrid format. We have four campuses in the bay area: Cupertino, Pleasanton, San Mateo, and Walnut Creek. We have three campuses in the Los Angeles region: Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, and Westlake Village. We have four campuses in the Orange County area: Anaheim Hills, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach/Irvine, and Mission Viejo/Laguna. Lastly, we have two campuses in the San Diego Region: Carlsbad and San Diego.

Futures students are accepted, acknowledged and supported. We understand that some students struggle with the academic environment, others may have learning challenges or social anxieties, or some are college-ready and need more rigorous curriculum.

Now, imagine a school your child looks forward to going to every day, where they fit in, and where they can excel and create lasting friendships. Imagine teachers who listen carefully honoring a student’s thoughts, frustrations and ideas. Imagine customized lesson plans delivered at a pace that best suits each student’s level of understanding.

That’s School Reimagined!

We don’t look like a traditional school and that’s on purpose. Our goal is to create a learning atmosphere that unleashes potential and leads to positive outcomes. Schedule a virtual campus tour today and see the difference.
color psychology

We Lead with our ETHOS

Similar to the ‘campuses’ created by innovative companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Pixar, we understand the importance of the poetics of space. Each element chosen for the interior of our schools, from colors to furniture, is driven by the psychology of space.

Our campuses are light and bright! Our color palette creates a conducive learning environment to inspire our students. According to color psychology, the darker blue represents the color of trust, loyalty, integrity and peace, the orange signifies social communication and optimism, and yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect.

Our campus teams each imbue our ETHOS! This creates a campus culture that is infectious and exemplifies our values, teaching methods, and how we shape and mentor our students.


Exude energy & optimism


Think & act creatively


Honor our commitments


Openly collaborate & communicate


Serve students, families & each other

Local and Growing

The Futures Academy team is comprised of education professionals with a commitment to our student’s best interests. We work together to bring students an innovative, one-to-one education in a safe, nurturing, and socially engaging community. With campuses throughout California and more being added, we pride ourselves on convenient and comfortable environments where our students can learn, grow and thrive.

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