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Welcome to Futures Academy, Anaheim Hills Campus!

Many schools face much uncertainty with the school year ahead. Futures Academy offers a wonderful certainty in learning. We are leaders in relationship-based learning and teach real-time, in 1:1 and small-group formats. We offer live, virtual, or blended schedules based on your comfort level. With over 35 years of proven outcomes, we know how to help your child learn better. It's the perfect time to join Futures and make this a great year. CLICK HERE to view Parent and student testimonials.

At Futures, you will find many students come to us looking for an alternative to the traditional classroom. Some come for the flexible scheduling, while others find their learning style doesn’t work well in a crowded classroom. With our 1:1 instruction model, your child will be allowed to ask questions, clarify their answers and learn to think critically. Teachers get to know students and to understand their strengths and where they struggle. Instruction is tailored to each student’s individual needs and personal interests. Teachers also serve as mentors to students, helping them set goals and plan for the future.

We firmly believe that all students have gifts and talents. For students who previously struggled in large classrooms, we love seeing the shift from a place of resistance to that moment when they “get it.” Part of our commitment at Futures Academy is to nurture each student and encourage them to believe in themselves. We are located conveniently off the 91 freeway with direct access to Orange, Santa Ana, Cypress, Fullerton and Garden Grove and invite you to visit our campus and see how we can support your child. 

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At Futures Academy, we know it’s important for your child to find a school where they can “fit in” and succeed academically and socially. Call us and take a tour of our campus and see the 1:1 classroom and check out the Hangout, the Lab, the Study and more. Schedule a virtual campus tour today and speak to the Campus Director, teachers and staff!

Anaheim Hills Campus

Anaheim Hills Campus

3111 N. Tustin Street, Suite 240,
Orange, CA 92865 

7:30AM - 6:30PM