Futures LA Area Tuition

Tuition 2022-23

Customized Learning Solutions to Fit Your Needs

At Futures Academy, we deliver a personalized education focused on building confident and empowered students. We have a long track record of offering higher academic success rates at a lower cost than most other private middle schools and high schools in the area.

Tuition for full-time students covers not only the class but also all books, Guided Study support, on-campus social activities and clubs, and most off-campus field trips. Cost for each class covers equal time in class and in the Guided Study. Honors and AP courses have additional costs as they require more class sessions.

High school students typically take 4-6 classes per semester. The middle school program is 5 courses per semester. High school graduation requirements are met by taking 5-6 classes per semester for four years; however, many students take additional courses to explore interests in art, music, academics, technology, or other electives during the school year or as summer options.

Select Your Schedule

Our Head of School and Academic leaders can assist you in designing a school program that works best for your student’s needs and family’s budget.

Classic Schedule
$17,950 per Semester

For students looking for a blend of academics and peer interaction.

This schedule offers six (college prep or middle school) courses a semester, keeping students on track for graduation, and pairs premium, 1:1 instruction for core subjects with peer-group learning in electives.

6 Courses/20-Week Semester

1:1 Classes: 5
Small-group Class: 1

Premium Schedule
$18,600 per Semester

For students who want premium 1:1 instruction and support.

This schedule includes six (college prep or middle school) courses a semester, keeping students on track for graduation and offering all classes in a premium, 1:1 instructional format which delivers additional support, attention and personalization.

6 Courses/20-Week Semester

1:1 Classes: 6
Small-group Classes: 0

All courses taught with premium 1:1 instruction!

Included in All Programs:

Personalized 1:1 Instruction
Customized Academic Plan
Homework Support/Guided Study

Student Seminars
Social Activities & Campus Events
Parent Promise

Part Time, Customized Programs, and Supplemental Academic Services

Course for Credit 1:1$3,100 per Semester
Honors$3,805 per Semester
Advanced Placement (AP) Course$4,630 per Semester
One-to-One Tutoring$105 per Session
One-to-One Tutoring Package$95 per Session for 20 Sessions
College Counseling$160 per Session
Instruction Boost
(Doubles the amount of instructional sessions student have
with their teacher to slow down the pace of a course.)
$1,630 for 15 Sessions
Course for Credit Paired Learning$2,700 per Semester
Course for Credit, Small Group Learning (up to 5 students)$2,450 per Semester

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Full Time Tuition1$35,900 - $37,200$10,000 – $50,000$ -
No Additional Fees
Student:Teacher Ratio1:115:125:1
Flexible Schedule
AP Courses
# of Sessions22N/AN/A
Guided Study Homework Support2
Content Mastery3
Part-time Program
Online Classes
  1. Based on a 6 course schedule, 12 courses a year total (one school year). Honors and AP courses additional. 
  2. Space dedicated to homework and studying with teacher supervision.
  3. Students do not progress through material without displaying proficiency in the subject matter.

Gifted, accelerated learning

Parent Promise

No worries, just confidence!

If you are not satisfied with your student’s experience at Futures Academy during their first 30-days as a full-time student, we will refund your tuition in full. No questions asked. No explanation necessary. Call for more details.

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Tuition FAQ

Futures Academy offers open enrollment where a student can enroll at any time of the year. Similar to traditional schools, we follow the two-semester school year.

Our 1:1 classes taught by expert teachers with real world knowledge are conducted in 50-minute sessions. A Middle School course is 25 sessions.

A High School course is 22 sessions and High School Advanced Placement (AP) course is 41 sessions.*

*HS Science course is 5 additional labs.

There are no hidden fees. We offer hassle-free pricing where the following items are included in full-time tuition: enrollment, textbooks, lab, technology, student clubs, graduation, yearbook, guided study, etc. (Field trips, prom, parking, and registration fees are additional. Registration fees for part-time students ($300) and full-time ($1,500).

We offer customized schedules based on each students’ individual needs. We offer 1:1 instruction and small group classes in different plans to support each student in their academic endeavors. 

Full-time students take an average of 4-6 courses per semester and part-time students take an average of 1-3 courses per semester.

When not in class, students have many opportunities to work and socialize together through activities such as field trips, student government, and a variety of clubs. Each campus provides the “Hangout”, which offers a relaxing atmosphere to socialize with friends, play music and work on group projects.

We do offer a variety of financing options. Please ask the Head of School or Director of Enrollment for more information.

As a parent, the impact of this school has been tremendous... there is less stress and micromanagement of school issues - for both parent and child and the knowledge that my daughter will succeed with the help and support she receives, and have a chance at the future she wants!
- Krista H.