Expectations and outcomes

Expectations & Outcomes

We focus not only on academics but on the whole-student

We teach the principles of success and happiness, how to learn and how to find your purpose in life. We have Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) that we award our students. Our graduates become:

Students participate in the learning process and accept responsibility for learning. Students practice self-evaluation, improvement of assignments, time-management, organizational skills, and study skills.

Students apply and understand knowledge in written and verbal communication. They develop and apply reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Students demonstrate work ethics for a successful college or working career. They develop academic and interpersonal skills, utilizing modern resources. They can research college, career, and occupational training opportunities.

Students demonstrate knowledge of various cultures, as well as environmental and political issues and responsibilities. They are involved in the community and recognize their relationship to the world and need for and use of community resources.

Students can apply complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills to real life scenarios. They apply existing knowledge to resolve problems.


Did you know?

  • Students who learn how the brain works and learns actually do better in school? Their grade point averages go up and they miss less class. That’s why we teach “Mindshift: The Science of Learning” as a required elective based on the seminal research of Carol Dweck.
  • “Grit” is the quality of sticking with something when it’s difficult. We use the research of Angela Duckworth to teach our students to ‘be gritty,’ which improves their grades and their confidence.
  • There are four, simple habits proven to help students develop happiness. We use the research of Shawn Achor to teach students how to switch their mood into a positive, more productive state.
  • Our students report they are ‘more optimistic,’ ‘more confident,’ and ‘happier’ after attending just one year at Futures Academy. No wonder our parents give us NPS scores that are among the top 5% of all organizations in the U.S.
Student Grace-UCLA

Grace's Story

Grace chose to attend the Futures Academy, Mission Viejo campus because of the flexible class schedules and the personal attention she received from all her teachers. During spring semester Grace received news that she got accepted into the school of her dreams, UCLA, where she plans to major in dance and minor in law.

"I would definitely recommend Futures Academy to anyone looking for a great educational facility that will work with your personal needs and schedule."

College bound

Pursue Your Passion: College and Career Ready Students

Futures Academy graduates attend a wide variety of colleges and universities, including some of the most prestigious such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, Penn State, NYU, USC, and more. Even as colleges and universities tighten acceptance standards, 94% of Futures Students who apply to a 4-year college or university have been accepted.

Seeing the growth from day one to the day that students finish is what makes it so worth while. 
- Patrick H.

Futures Students are College Bound

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College ready