Futures Academy Admissions


The Right School

Choosing the right school is an important decision and the most critical question to ask is: “Will this work for my child?” If your student is thriving in a large public or private school, that may be the best decision for them. Futures Academy students excel in a nurturing environment, a low student-teacher ratio, an atmosphere free from bullying, and most importantly, a school focused on their success. We’ve built Futures with that student in mind. In fact, we are so sure you will love your experience at Futures Academy, we created our Parent Promise to guarantee it. 

Gifted, accelerated learning

Parent Promise

No worries, just confidence!

If you are not satisfied with your student’s experience at Futures Academy during their first 30-days as a full-time student, we will refund your tuition in full. No questions asked. No explanation necessary. Call for more details.

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Communication via parent portal


Futures is committed to an open door policy and encourages parent-student-teacher communication at all times. To aid in the effort of constant communication, Futures Academy provides access to an online parent and student portal. An email will be sent to you upon enrollment.

The education plan provides parents with a picture, or customized blueprint, of how Futures will provide a well-rounded, highly supportive educational experience for their child.

Enrollment Options

Start School on your Schedule.

Futures Academy offers the flexibility of a year-round, open enrollment policy meaning you can enroll now and start at any time. Students may choose to attend full-time, part-time (high school only) or only during summer months. Whether they take a full course load or one class, every student benefits from Futures’ one-to-one instruction, learning at their own pace and on their own schedule. Regardless of course load, all students have access to on-campus activities and homework support.

We encourage students to stay on campus to take advantage of our on-staff tutor and study areas to finish their schoolwork – that means no homework hassles at home.

Full-time student


Full-time students choose Futures because the 1:1 education and flexible scheduling options offered allows time for activities outside of school like sports, music, acting, or work. Full-time students take between 4-6 courses per semester.

Part-time student

Part-time/Courses for Credit

Our High-School students can choose to attend Part-time. This is a great way to “make-up or catch-up,” also referred to as credit recovery and grade remediation. Some students want to accelerate their learning or get ahead in a particular course or subject area. Students may transfer the grade or credit earned back to their home school. Part-time students take between 1-3 courses per semester.

Summer School

Summer School

During the summer, students can choose to attend part-time or full-time and, for some classes, choose between personalized one-to-one instruction or a small group learning. The full spectrum of the academic course catalog is offered during summer school.

I’ll forever be grateful for the support, patience, and love that the teachers showed me throughout the years.
- Brooke R.