Futures Academy Summer School

The Place for Summer Academics

We flex to your schedule

Enjoy your summer break and still be next-grade ready by fall!  We can help you create your optimum schedule, allowing you to complete a course in a little as 5 weeks or up to 10 weeks. Choose from more than 170 courses allowing you to master math, succeed in science, love foreign languages and make headway in history.

Learn online or on-campus with 1:1 instruction, paired learning, or in small groups... or if you are looking for tutoring support, our personalized approach will provide you the opportunity to maximize your academic potential and build your skill set.

Achieve Success

 Reduce COVID Learning Loss

 Improve Skills

 Accelerate & Get Ahead

 Enjoy Flex Schedules

Rest and relaxationThe Benefits of Flexible Summer School 

We get it. You and your student need some down time this summer. Yet you don't want to miss out on this critical time to catch up or accelerate coursework to prepare for the upcoming school year. Futures Academy makes both possible.


summer vacation

No Problem

Keep your vacation plans and learn big! Futures classes are in-person, online, or hybrid so you can learn anywhere or pace around travel. 

Flexible Scheduling

Break First. Then, Learn.

Take the entire month of June off; then complete needed classes in July and August with customized schedules available only at Futures. 

summer play

Integrate Work & Play

Get out and enjoy summer. Schedule activities. Futures classes can be custom scheduled mornings, afternoons or on select days.