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Cool Summer Camps

With virtual summer camps at Futures Academy, learn skills that support academic growth in all subjects while having fun, connecting with others, and discovering a possible career path!

Enroll in 1-week, 2-week or 3-week camps. If you like what you experience, you can always take it to the next level with a four-week group class for credit.

Game Design Camp

Game Design Camp

Do you enjoy playing video games or coding? Turn your hobby into a potential career and go from simply being a player in a virtual world to actually creating one!

  • Learn about video game software and hardware, and various gaming platforms
  • Develop necessary technical skills, troubleshooting and internet safety techniques
  • Create your own plan for a 2D video game

Forensic Science Camp

Forensic Science

Through this camp, dive into the riveting job of crime scene analysis. By careful examination of the crime scene elements, even the most heinous crimes can be solved.

  • Learn the techniques and practices applied during a crime scene investigation
  • Find out how clues and data are recorded and preserved
  • Follow the forensic process—from pursuing the evidence trail to taking the findings to trial

Digital Photography Camp

Digital Photography

Produce photography that can be shared with friends & on social media by understanding the principles of vivid photography unique to your style. Take better photos that have purpose and technical artistry.

  • Learn about aperture, shutter speed, lighting, and composition
  • Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to become a serious photographer
  • Improve your understanding of camera functions, techniques and what it takes to shoot quality portraits, close-ups, action shots, and landscape


Creative Writing Camp

Creative Writing Camp

Develop a solid grounding in the writing process, from finding inspiration to building a full story.

  • Learn literary techniques to create hybrid forms of poetry and prose
  • Discover creative thoughts and turn those ideas info fully realized pieces of creative writing
  • Through the writing process you can better understand yourself and the world around you

Art Camp

Art Camp

Explore the elements of drawing techniques and begin developing your own style in this fun, online camp environment.

  • Learn about elements of art including texture, form shape, line and value
  • Explore developing concepts, composition and execution of your own ideas
  • Better understand principles of art including movement unity, harmony balance, contrast, proportion, pattern and rhythm

College Compass

College Compass

Get a head start on the 4-year college or university application process and learn more about the college admission process.

  • Learn about personalized college admissions plans
  • Review SAT/ACT testing requirements and accessible prep materials
  • Develop compelling college personal statements and supplemental essays

Middle School Writing Camp

Middle School Writing

With summer Writing Camps at Futures Academy, your middle schooler will be prepared to start the next school year with confidence and a healthy mindset about writing.

  • Focus on strengthening writing skills
  • Overcome anxiety about writing essays
  • Enjoy personalized instruction in a small, supportive group of no more than five students.

Middle School Math Camp

Middle School Math

This camp will place a strong emphasis on the continued study of integers, order of operations, variables, expressions, and equations. Students will solve and graph equations and inequalities, write and solve proportions, and explore geometry all while getting prepared for high school.

  • Focus on strengthening math skills
  • Overcome anxiety about learning math
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 Camps start as early as June 1 and continue weekly through August 
 Small group learning  
 100% live online instruction 
 1-week, 2-week, 3-week, & 4-week options  
 Prevent summer learning loss

Our son wanted to take a summer Robotics course and enjoyed it so much he asked to go full-time in the fall.
- Michele H. 2