Summer School

Catch Up, Make Up or Get Ahead

Over 170 courses are offered this summer so you can master math, succeed in science, love foreign languages and make headway in history! Contact us to find the course you need. At Futures Academy, our personalized one-to-one approach provides students the opportunity to maximize their academic potential in a small, nurturing private school environment.

We are committed to helping students:

 Achieve content mastery

 Improve grades

 Raise test scores

 Foster academic success

 Boost study & time
management skills

During the summer, students can choose to continue their full-time course load or take classes on a part-time basis to make-up or catch-up, also referred to as credit recovery or grade remediation. Students may transfer the grade or credit earned back to their home school. In addition, some students may wish to take classes to accelerate their learning or get ahead in a particular course or subject area over the summer.

Our complete course catalogue is available during the summer. Students can choose from more than 170 courses including college prep, workshop and general-level UC, CSU and NCAA approved courses.


Catch Up, Make Up, or Get Ahead with Summer School at Futures Academy

Click on the short video below to learn more about our Summer School program, the students we serve, and a few of our course offerings. Discover how we can help you achieve your academic goals and have fun over summer!

one to one summer instruction

Our unique one-to-one instruction

The one student-one teacher classroom is the most flexible and customized program available to students. Students are able to learn without distractions while mastering the skills and information presented in the course.

Benefit from scheduling at the time that works best… so you can sleep in, take a summer vacation, or let your child focus on his or her favorite activity.

Call to ask about our Paired Learning option!

My son took 4 courses over the summer for credit recovery. I was very impressed. All classes were 1:1, on task, and very flexible.
- Aline A.
Futures Parent